Upholstery and Upholstered Furniture: How to Clean it All

Upholstery is fabric and all upholstered items like upholstered furniture need to be cleaned once every so often. Even if you do not use the upholstered item for dirty use it still needs to be cleaned. Upholstered curtains or drapes simply hang on a window and are not used for anything that would promote dirt. But they still collect dust and if they are not cleaned at intervals the dust will fly off of them and land on other parts of a room such as furniture and floors.

All upholstered furniture and other upholstered items can be a challenge to clean. They should be vacuumed weekly to prevent a buildup of dust and dirt. Yet they still need a better cleaning every so often depending on the use they get. When you want to give your upholstered curtains or drapes a deep cleaning, you don’t want to douse the upholstery with water unless you are able to dry it completely in a short time. Some upholstered curtains and drapes can be washed in a clothes washer if they are made of fabric that can be washed. If they are not washable fabric then you should dry clean them.

Upholstered furniture should be vacuumed every week to get the dust accumulation off of them. By vacuuming your upholstered furniture every week you can keep the dust and other debris from accumulating on the upholstered furniture and it will stay cleaner longer.

If you spill on any upholstered furniture, drapes, curtains or pillows you should soak up as much of the spill as you can immediately, with a nice, clean, soft cloth. If you can not absorb all of the spill then clean the upholstery as soon as you can to have the best results of removing the stain.

After you remove as much of the spill as you can then you can try to clean the spot with a cleaner of your choice. Before using a cleaner of any kind on your furniture check your cleaner by putting it on an inconspicuous place that is not seen. By checking your cleaner you are seeing if it causes any damage to your upholstered furniture. If your cleaner does cause damage then do not use it.

Upholstered pillows can be cleaned in your washing machine if they are of a material that is washable like cotton. After you wash upholstered pillows in a washing machine it is extremely important that you dry them completely. If you do not dry them completely they may mildew. You can dry them in your dryer if they are of a fabric that can be dried in a dryer. If not you should take your upholstered pillows to your dry cleaner for cleaning.

Cleaning your upholstery and upholstered furniture can be tricky but you can do it yourself if your upholstery is a fabric that can be cleaned. If you think your upholstery is not cleanable then always contact a professional. You can learn more about cleaning upholstery and upholstered furniture by checking out http://www.fabrics.net/procyon.asp on the net.

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