How to Clean Refrigerator Coils

Your refrigerator seems to be working harder then it should have to. It may be as simple problem like dirty refrigerator coils. As a refrigerator sits and does its work it collects dirt and dust and over time this dirt and dust can make it difficult for your refrigerator to work at its best. It is a good idea to clean the coils of your refrigerator every year at least once. When you take the time to clean your refrigerators coils you are doing some preventative maintenance that will help your refrigerator to work its best.

If your refrigerator has tubing on the back then pull out your refrigerator so that you can get at the back of the refrigerator easily. You just might have to unplug the refrigerator for a few minutes but if you don’t have to then leave it plugged in. It is never good to unplug your refrigerator if you don’t have to.

Then take a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment and use it to loosen and vacuum up the lint, dirt and dust from the fins and tubes on the back of your refrigerator. Be careful as you vacuum that you do not loosen up anything that is not supposed to be loose.

After you have vacuumed off the back of the refrigerator you can return the refrigerator to its original position.

If you have a refrigerator that does not have any tubing on its back then you must unplug the refrigerator. Open up the bottom door of the refrigerator and prop the door open.

Find the motor compartment and the grille that is in from of the motor. Take then grill on both sides and push it down, then rotate the top of the grille toward you and it should release. If the grille does not release then you need to look for any tabs that might need to be moved before you can take off the grille. Once you find the tabs just move them out of the way to remove the grille.

After you have the grille removed from the refrigerator then take a vacuum and clean out the dust with the vacuum and a brush. You can take an old tooth brush to clean off the condenser.

After you have the compartment cleaned you can replace the grille and put the refrigerator back into place. Most importantly remember to plug the refrigerator back in or you will end up with a refrigerator full of warm food.

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