How I Ended Up in a Day Care

Many long years ago, when I was very young, I lived up in a third floor apartment in the city. I lived with my grandmother and grandfather. It was a very small apartment and it got very hot in the summer time. Whenever my grandmother and grandfather wanted to talk she would send me outside on the flat roof, to play. Now there was a small wall around the side that I could see down to the street. I would sit outside for hours playing in the hot tar. The tar was hot from the sun. I would love to break the little tar bubbles. On top of the tar were small stones. I really enjoyed playing outside.

One day when my grandfather came home, they had a argument, about whether I should stay there or not. My grandmother not wanting me to hear anything sent me outside. Then my grandmother asked my grandfather to go get milk, as she was almost out. There was such an argument that I rushed in to see what was the matter. There on the floor was my grandfather, along with broken glass, all over. I cryed what is wrong with grandfather? My grandmother said O he’s alright, he must of passed out. He will be up in a little while. So she said why don’t you go down stairs and see if the paper was in yet. I think that is what she send me down for. So i sat on the front step, with my arm and hand holding my chin up, just wondering where that paper was. So I walked around as well and went down the street to see if the paper was in yet. When I came back I sat on the front step for quite a while. I saw something exciting and went running in to tell my grandmother. I yelled with excitement, grandmother, grandmother, but there was no answer. I looked in the entire apartment for her and there was no signs of anybody. I wondered where could she be. Maybe she went outside on the flat roof to get some fresh air. But she wasn’t there either. She was very good to me and I loved her very much. So I went down on the step to try this entire thing again to see if maybe this time, she would be there. But she wan ‘t.

The policeman came by and I told him that I couldn’t find my grandmother, so he said well did you look down at the local shops where she shops. So off I went to find her. I looked everywhere for her. It was all such a blur. But no grandmother appeared. So I walked around for a while I think until I came upon a local daycare that took kids in. And there were children playing outside. So I proceeded to talk to them. Along came this mean old mistress. I said no i can’t come in, my grandmother will be looking for me. But the mean old wicked lady grabbed me and carried me inside while I was kicking and yelling. I yelled no please, I have to go home. My grandmother will worry about me. So When she asked me my name I didn’t tell her my real name, because I knew she was kidnapping me and because I was a kid, I didn’t have any rights, at that time. I told her my name was Sarah, I think that is what I said.

So there I was made to stay and wait on the mean old wicked lady for my keep. She made it seem like I had to earn my keep, or something terrible would happen to my grandmother and to me. So to protect my grandmother, I decided to work and to do my best at cleaning and waiting on the mean old wicked witch. Which is the reason why I never found my grandmother. My grandmother was so nice and so caring and so good to me, that this mean old wicked lady didn’t even begin to compare to my grandmother.

I lied to the wicked lady because I knew she might try to get money out of my grandmother. I knew my grandmother worked in a local tavern as a waitress and didn’t have much money. So I didn’t tell that mean old lady anything.

Eventually a nice family came in to adopt me and made arrangements to take me to their house. So everyday, I would look for my grandmother, in town. I looked everywhere for her. The nice family took me home with them, where I was made to eat healthy food and be in at night. They were good to me, but one day, I heard the lady say to a neighbor. At least we got our own kids. And my mother said. Yea, see what I got stuck with. And I heard her. So I went to school and on the way home it was raining. The nasty mean lady who took me in out of the rain, didn’t call my mother, and I had to stay there for a day and a half. Read about what happened next in my other story, The missing girl.

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