How Moms Can Break into the World of at Home Transcribing

Many moms dread the thought of going back to work, and many are now looking to get into the world of transcribing. A very popular field is medical transscription. They even have courses that you can take at home to get your medical transcription degree. There are several different websites where you can get information and sign up to work.

One is AccuTran Global which actually says that you do not have to have transcription experience, although they do say that you have to have a typing speed about 70WPM, and have some type of clerical experience. Another is Tigerfish which also hires transcribers without experience.

The majority of transcribing jobs require some experience but every once in a while there are some that say you do not need experience or very little experience. Try to look for job postings that requires a year or less of experience and see if they require you to take a test. Many of them require that you register and take the test and if you pass your information will get forwarded to the hiring person and then you will usually get a call from someone.

Doing an online internet search for companies in your state that hire at home transcriptions can also be a big help. Also once you are hired by a transcription company make sure that you get a manual that has the companies specifications about the types of format that you should use. Most companies will give you one automatically. The main thing that you need is to have a good ear, type well, and be able to follow their specific instructions.

Your next step after getting hired is to get the nessassary equipment such as headphones and foot pedal that hooks up to your computer. They will usually tell you what you will need to start working. The only problem with many of the good transcription companies is that they only have limited amounts of work and hundreds of people applying on a daily basis.

Remember that the software might be specific to the company since there are so many different kinds. Sometimes they will have you download the companies software. It may even take you up to a year to get the position that you are looking for. But don’t give up be persistent

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