How Parents Can Teach Their Children About African American Culture

It is important that parents take the time to teach their children about other cultures and their own culture. Many African Americans today do not know where to begin when it comes to teaching their children about the African American Culture. People all over the world are searching for their identity. Mostly because their parents never took the time to explain it to them. There are many different festivals that are held throughout the year that offer a rich variety of presentations. Many of these include cultural and traditional dances, music, singing and much more. If you are looking for a way to start teaching your children about their African Culture why not find out when and where these festivals are held and attend with your family. There is much that you can learn. The main objective of many of these festivals is to promote better international and interracial understanding. Many have expressed the view that Africa is the foundation of their ethnic and cultural identity. You could also try museums, and the library for additional information and resources.

Children should know the history of their culture. You should not wait and hope that someone will teach them about it in school. As parents you will want to tell them the good things and the bad things. For example it was not until 1954 that the United States Supreme Court ruled against racial segregation in public schools. And even though people do not like to admit it there is still a lot of prejudice that your children should be aware of, and the only way they can truly understand, is if they know the whole story. All too often however racial pride goes hand in hand with racism. Your children should be made to understand that their culture is not superior to anyone else.

Do you realize that all over the world the African American cultural standards are breaking down. The African American Culture has to do with fineness of taste and thought, and is not measured by quantity and quality. The whole meaning of this culture has degenerated. Culture itself has become a pursuit of devices of self-entertainment. Many people spend more time and money on entertainment than they do on self-improvement. According to many children culture is believed to be readily purchasable at the store or the box office. Even in schools liberal arts, subjects are not longer studied the way they once were. There is a huge breakdown or gap when it comes to the African American culture in our school systems. Of course the world in general faces formidable social, political, racial, and other problems. But by teaching them about their culture you will better prepare them to face these obstacles. There are many places that you can go to get additional information on African American Culture. Below is a list of several websites that you can take a look at to further your knowledge.

1. You and your kids can learn about African American culture together.
2 Various resources for African American History
3. Has the histories of various cultures
4. Has various resources on African American writers and Literature.

These are just a few websites that you can take a look at with your family to get additional information on the African American Culture. You could also try doing your own on-line search and see what interesting websites you can find to add to your list. As a parent it is important that you take the time and educate your children.

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