How To: Save Trees Using Paper Alternatives

Cloth Grocery Bags

Some stores have cloth bags you can initially purchase for toting home the groceries or anything else. You can bring any cloth bags you have at the house for use at the Supermarket. Keeping them in your car is an easy way to remember them for your trip to the store. Unpack your groceries at the house and return them to the car for next time. Doing this could easy save 3-10 bags every trip depending on the amount you are buying. Without much effort, it is an easy way to save a few trees and know you are doing the right thing for the environment.

Toilet Paper

This may sound weird, but do you waste toilet paper? Really consider if you can cut down by even a square or two each time you frequent the bathroom. We are not talking about being unhygienic here, but most can cut back by 10-20% and not be aware of the change. Saving 10% could result in a dozen rolls a year or more.

Scratch Paper/Dry-Erase Board

When the family leaves notes for each other or a list for shopping and daily reminders, why not have a few dry-erase boards around the house? You can use all sorts of colors, wipe them off and reuse them over and over again. The paper you will save with cutting down on post-it notes and pads of paper will add up fast. A creative way to get scratch paper is your junk mail. All those envelopes will go into the trash anyway, why not cut them up (and the contents) for sheets of scratch paper for notes and other uses?

Packing Materials

When Christmas comes around, or a birthday for that matter, save all the bows, wrapping paper and packing material you can. Even in less than perfect condition, these can be reused for the next special occasion. Bows are very easy to save and packing material is useful anytime you need to send a package or future Christmas gift through the mail. Wrapping paper, if removed carefully, can at least be used on a smaller box in the future by cutting off the ripped edge or simply folding it under the taped portion of your gift. Throughout the year, save as many boxes as possible for the holiday season, gifts and all the times you could use one for storage. You never know when you’ll need them to move or help a friend move as well. In addition to being wasteful by throwing them away after one use, moving boxes are expensive if you need a few dozen to pack up your belongings.

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