How To Start a Home Business for $200 or Less

If you are looking to start a home business on a shoestring budget, there is some good news: You CAN do it! Here are 5 businesses that you can start for less than $200:

1. If you enjoy crafting you can turn your passion into profit. You can sell your crafts at festivals and flea markets in order to establish a local clientele that is loyal to you. This will provide you with a steady flow of income. Of course you could also start an online store to increase your income. Another way of selling online is by using eBay.

2. A lot of people are not gifted in home decorating and so they are looking to pay someone who can do this for them. There are several perks to this business. First of all you are your own boss and may be able to hire your own employees in the future. Secondly, every home that you decorate has your personal touch on it so that your clients will always remember you. This can act as a personalized calling card as the homeowner’s friends may compliment them upon their decorating and in turn the homeowner will mention that you were the one who did the decorating for them.

3. There are lots of people who are too busy, or simply lack the skill to cook family meals. Some of these people do not want to buy fast food because of health reasons. You can sell your cooking to these people through bazaars, fairs and word of mouth.

4. You can become a concierge. This is a person who does things like pick up laundry, do the grocery shopping or order tickets for people who are simply too busy to do it for themselves. These people will become dependent upon you to make sure that their lives run smoothly. All it takes to get a steady stream of income flowing here is word of mouth. In other words, if you get just one client, and do a very good job for this client, then you will soon have other clients coming to you for your services because of the compliments that your first client has given to you when speaking with their friends.

5. If you are good with pets, then you might consider going into pet grooming. This business can be both lucrative and fun. You can start off working from home as long as you have some simple supplies including scissors, shavers, brushes and shampoos. Of course you are also going to need to have some knowledge about what type of haircut each breed of dog should get since you do not want to give a dog a bad hair cut if you are trying to build a business here. Another thing that you should know is how to properly groom an animal’s ears, eyes, nose and nails.

Now that you have some ideas of what kinds of businesses you can start on a shoestring budget it is up to you to decide what business is right for you. Good luck!

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