How Women with Thinning Hair Can Make Their Hair Look Thicker

Whether you’re a man or a woman, it’s a nightmare to realize your hair is thinning, but in our society, thinning hair is more acceptable for a man than a woman. Although most men would love to have a thick, full head of hair, men can shave their heads and still look as handsome as ever. Women on the other hand don’t have many options other than wigs, creams, and other products to help grow back thinning hair. In the meantime, there are a number of ways women can make thinning hair appear thicker and fuller.


Never brush your hair when it’s wet. Brushing wet hair will further damage thinning hair, and brushing wet hair can cause breakage making already thinning hair even thinner in appearance. If you must remove tangles before blow drying, use a wide tooth comb or simply use your fingers to separate tangles.

Blow Dryers

Blow-drying your hair can help improve fullness and make it appear thicker, but blow-drying too often can be damaging. Occasionally blow-drying thinning hair in an effort to make it look thicker is okay, especially if you’re going out and want to look your best.

Blow-dry your hair from beneath, beginning at the roots, and dry it in the opposite direction of your usual style. This blow-drying method will make thinning hair look considerably thicker if done properly.

When your hair is almost dry, you can brush it while finishing the drying process. Bend at the waist, if necessary, and brush your hair from the outside while continuing to dry in the opposite direction of your usual style.

Style Matters

A body wave can greatly improve the appearance of thinning hair, and a body wave can give hair the fullness it’s lacking. Before considering a body wave, consider the style of your hair. The longer the hair, the thinner it appears, especially when it’s naturally straight. Go for a shorter length if you want your hair to look thicker. A layered hairstyle above the shoulders is recommended. After your hair is styled properly, a body wave can do wonders for thinning hair. Consult stylist books for specific styles and ideas.


Highlights can help disguise the appearance of thinning hair, especially if hair is thinning near the crown. Highlights will help draw the eyes away from areas of thinning hair, and lighter highlights will help camouflage the scalp.

Hair Products

Besides trying the methods described above, use shampoo and conditioner designed especially for thin hair. Hair products specially formulated for thin hair can do wonders to make it appear thicker and fuller by giving it body and shine. I

It may be necessary to try several different products and brands before finding one that works best for your particular hair type. Search internet ads to compare prices of products formulated especially for thinning hair. With the right products, you’ll be amazed at the results you can achieve.

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