How to Add Storage Space to a Tiny Bathroom

A tiny bathroom can present a huge challenge when storage space is greatly limited. A single bathroom cabinet or a small medicine cabinet is hardly enough room for storing toiletries and other necessities. If you’re stuck with a tiny bathroom, don’t despair. Even a very small bathroom offers ample storage space – if you know where to find it.

The following information provides numerous ideas on how to add more storage space to a tiny restroom. No matter how small your bathroom is, you’ll be able to use these ideas to expand it into a room with more storage than you ever thought possible. The sky is truly the limit – especially in a tiny bathroom!

Vertical Space

The sky is the limit is more than an ordinary catchphrase when dealing with a very small restroom. Take advantage of vertical space and install decorative but functional shelving. Shelves can be installed all the way up to the ceiling, so take advantage of otherwise dead wall space. Items such as towels and toiletries can be easily stored out in the open on shelves, and rarely used items can be placed in higher locations.

To add a decorative touch to shelves, roll towels and washcloths instead of just folding and stacking them. Also, arrange toiletries on alternating shelves, and incorporate a few knickknacks in amongst otherwise unattractive items. You can add more storage space and keep your tiny bathroom tidy and stylishly arranged.

Pedestal Sink Storage

Pedestal sinks can be beautiful, but in a tiny bathroom they don’t provide storage space. Add more storage space to your tiny bathroom by creating an area for storage under your pedestal sink. Measure the amount of fabric needed to wrap around the sink, and purchase fabric to match the color scheme along with Velcro strips. Hem rough edges to prevent fraying, and attach the cover-up around the lower edge of the sink using durable Velcro strips.

Store items in your tiny bathroom on small shelves beneath the pedestal sink or in stacked plastic compartments. Personal items will be hidden by the fabric when not in use, and the fabric skirt can easily be removed and reattached as necessary. It will add a decorative touch to your tiny bathroom while serving a valuable purpose.

Freestanding Cabinetry

The options for freestanding cabinetry are virtually endless, and freestanding cabinets are available in all price ranges and sizes. If space allows, consider investing in a complete unit that stands over the toilet. Many storage units of this type include shelves along with cabinets, and they provide a considerable amount of extra storage space, especially in a tiny bathroom.

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