How to Beat Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is something that happens to all writers at one time or another. To have writer’s block is to lost the natural flow of writing. It is to feel inhibited and drained of ideas. It can happen when we least expect it. It can happen when we feel under pressure. It can happen when we do not stimulate of creativity. Here are five great ways to beat writer’s block…

1. The most common reason that writers get writer’s block is pressure. When we are constantly trying to make a deadline it is very hard to let the creativity flow. Writers who write for income will often feel writer’s block when the importance of making money overpowers the true reasons that they have chosen to write. Remembering the true reasons you write can help you to overcome writer’s block. Think beyond the deadline, beyond the pay and stress. Remember the feeling you get when it comes naturally; When thoughts flow easily forming remarkable text.

2. Take a break. When anyone does anything too much for too long it can take a toll on them. Writers who have not taken a break in a while may understandably experience writer’s block. Writing and completing and submitting constantly, day in and day out, is very draining. Take two hours off tomorrow. Use that time to relax and recharge. I can almost guarantee that when you return to your desk you will feel a pick up in your idea supply, and that the words will come more easily.

3. Get inspired! Getting inspired is one great way to beat writer’s block. Why? The answer in simple. When writers lose their inspiration to write the will experience writer’s block. Getting inspired is simple too. To get inspired get close to what it is that your writing about. If you are a nature and wildlife writer it may inspire you to take a hike or long walk through the woods. If you are an automotive writer it may inspire you to spend some time driving, or tinkering in the garage.

4. Many writers will experience writer’s block when they do not refresh their idea supply. How can one find new ideas? Easily. There are many sources that ideas come from. Reading is a great one. Look around the web. The internet is full of reading material on any subject imaginable. Pick up a magazine. Magazines are great sources of ideas. Books contain volumes of information and knowledge. Pick up a book to find ideas not yet thought of.

5. Have confidence in yourself, and your abilities. Many times when a writer is feeling less than confident they will experience writer’s block. Writing, like any other occupation, has it’s good days and it’s tough days. There may be times when it just feels like you’ve bitten off more than you can chew. Have faith in yourself. If you’ve made it this far you can make it the rest of the way. Feeling confident can help to banish writer’s block. Recall your achievements and forget the rejections. Every writer gets rejections. Keep up your confidence to keep on writing…

Writer’s block happen to us all at one time or another. I have just given you five simple ways to help beat it. Keep writing, and never give up 🙂

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