How to Beat the Heat in Summer

Summer is a time when holidays send a gush of enjoyment through our bodies and minds. Not only children, but also the older people have really enjoyable times at summer. The tropical countries have a hard time since they have temperatures hitting 40�¢�ª-50�¢�ª Celsius. The heat experienced is not a pleasant thing. Since I have a lot of relatives in tropical countries and I keep visiting them on and off, I know that they use numerous simple but effective methods to beat the heat. Having visited some of the hottest parts of the world I know what scorching heat feels like.

To beat the heat, you have to be cool, both outside and from inside. First let us see how to make our environment seem cooler. Our home has to be kept cooler. The air conditioners are obviously the first choice in the tools to beat the heat, but sometimes it is not affordable for everyone, especially in tropical countries, where average per capita income is not that high. Even if the air conditioners are available, the penetration of heat radiations cannot be stopped. However this could be reduced by using the weather coat. Use weather coats on the terrace which keeps the house a lot cooler, it reduces considerable amount of heat, you can also use false ceilings. There are a number of substances that can be used to stop the heat; thermocol is the widely used substance. Inside the room you can have fibre mats hanging in front of the curtains to reduce the radiations. You can also have an aquarium, which is capable of giving a cool feel at the end of the day. You can have sprinklers and kiddie pools in the garden if possible; they really help in beating the heat. You can have a dip once or twice in a day in the pool. If the weather is hot you can allow the children to have a shower at the sprinklers. I generally have frequent swimming sessions, which makes a good exercise too.

Now let us see how you can keep yourselves cool, first and foremost thing that affects your body temperature is the sleep, sleeping less has adverse effects on our health besides increasing the temperature. In this fast paced world we should ensure a minimum of 5 to 6 hours of good sleep per day. I practise yoga, that wards off the unwanted heat in our body and we have a peaceful body and mind. Also be watchful of the food that you take. I always avoid food with lot of spices; also my food has lot of milk products, butter milk is my favourite. We should consume a lot of water. Drinking a lot of natural fruit juices also helps us avoid dehydration, lemonade is my favourite. Juicy fruits help to a great extent, cucumber and watermelon are fruits that I consume very often. Grapes are the ones that are plenty in water content, frozen grapes taste really good and also make our body really cool. Sitting by the balcony and having chunks of these fruits with salads in chilled bowls make the evening enjoyable.

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