How to Become a Movie Extra

Want to appear in a major motion picture? If so, your odds are better than you probably think. Each year, thousands of movies go into production. Along with star actors and actresses to carry the plot and make the movie exciting, the majority of motion pictures also use background people, or extras to add realism to the film.

Becoming a movie extra is easier than landing a starring or supporting role in a big movie production. Still, the competition is fierce, with thousands of potential extras showing up for open casting calls.

For a starring role in an upcoming movie, motion picture and production companies seek big name actors and actresses with an impressive resume. Fortunately, the criteria for becoming a movie extra are less demanding. For the most part, movie extras simply need a headshot and resume.

� Headshot: The costs of a headshot will vary. If choosing a professional photographer, expect to pay more. Nonetheless, it is possible to obtain a nice looking headshot by asking one of your friends to take a few snapshots.

� Resume: Movie extra resumes are slightly different from business or corporate resumes. Motion picture companies prefer resumes that include information such as: height, weight, eye color, etc. Moreover, aspiring movie extra should also relate any previous acting or movie extra experience. If you appeared in a few theatre productions or commercials, include this on the resume. Furthermore, list any acting courses or workshops attended.

Be Prepared to Relocate

Unfortunately, unless a motion picture company has plans to film a movie at an off-beat location, movie extras will likely need to relocate. Some people choose to earn their living by acting as movie extras. If this is your aim, consider relocating to cities that regularly film television programs or movies. Popular filming cities include Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, Florida, and Chicago.

How to Find Movie Extra Gigs?

� Subscribe or obtain a directory of casting agencies. Furthermore, consult these directories on a regular basis to receive information on opportunities for movie extras.

� Send a copy of your headshot and resume to local casting agencies. Before submitting, contact the agency and inquire about their submission guidelines. Some agencies like to receive resumes in-person, whereas others prefer electronic submissions.

� Check the entertainment section of the local newspaper. If living in a production city, casting agencies may include an ad seeking movie extras.

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