How to Breathe

Today I am going to talk about breathing, or respiration as it is scientifically known. All living things have to take in oxygen from the atmosphere to create energy. Breathing is the way that human beings do this.

There are many benefits to breathing. Breathing starts when you suck in air via the nose or the mouth. You then hold the air in your lungs for a while and savor the flavor as you would with a good cigar or snifter of brandy. This is what is known as breathing. But make sure you don’t breathe brandy! You can only breathe air, or 02 as the chemists call it.

Benefits to breathing include living, moving around, increased sex drive and potency, and better energy. You can also breathe any time, anywhere, except in a vacuum or gas chamber! How cool is that?

Downsides to not breathing include coughing, fever, shakiness, weak pulse, death, feelings of depression, mood swings and anxiety. But in my opinion the downsides of breathing are balanced out by the numerous benefits of breathing.

In conclusion, I would have to say that there is no good reason not to breathe. If you aren’t regularly making this activity a part of your lifestyle, give it a try for a week and see how it feels. You can also make breathing a part of your workout routine!

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