How to Build a Sand Castle

Building a sand castle is a pretty simple and fun process if you have the time and the appropriate tools and means to do so. Kids that go to the beach love to have things to do other than just swim in the ocean and run around on the sand. Kids love to have things to play with and experiment with. One of the things that kids love to do when they go to the beach is to build a sand castle. Building sand castles has been around for ages and is still enjoyed by both young and old. Along with other things to do at the beach which include; searching for those special treasures with metal detectors, searching for those beautiful and exotic sea shells, swimming, playing beach volleyball, Frisbee throwing, scuba diving or jogging along the sea shore, building sand castles is by far one of the most popular and entertaining activities to do when out on the beach on a nice sun shiny day when the wind from the sea is whisking all around you.

The steps below will provide you with in-depth details and instructions on how to build the best and most perfect one pillar sand castle ever. If you have the proper tools that I will list below, then you can build the perfect one pillar sand castle. The steps below are simple and easy to follow. I will first start off by instrucing you on what tools you will need in order to do this.

Tools that you will need:

One: You will need one container with a wide open mouth in order to form the bottom of the sand castle. The bottom of the container can be as wide as you would like it to be as long as it doesn’t exceed the width of the mouth of the container, otherwise you’re never going to be able to get the sand out of the container when you go to form your castle.

Two: You will need one bucket of water to pour on the sand in order to make the sand able to stand to form perfectly one out of the container mold otherwise it will just come out without forming anything.

Three: You will obviously need sand in order to do this project.

Steps in order to build your first sand castle are as follows.

First: Pour some water over some sand that is surrounding you insuring that all sand that will go into your mold container is wet to the touch.

Second: Scoop up the wet sand and fill up your container to the brim of the container and pack it in with your hands or something that will fit into the mouth of the container.

Third: Turn the container upside down quickly to where the mouth of the container is on the ground and gently without moving too fast, lift the container off the ground as to see the sand that was contained ever so slightly begin to come out in the form of your container. You may have to shake the container just slightly to have the sand contents come out but don’t do it too hard, otherwise you’re going to have a big mess and go throughout the whole process again.

Last: Once your sand is out of the mold, you can then begin to decorate you one pillar sand castle with whatever you choose to. This is a simple project for any age to attempt and doesn’t require supervision. Have fun and enjoy !

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