How to Buy Cheap Cabinets

Cheap kitchen and bathroom cabinets are available from a variety of sources. Cabinets beautify your home in addition to providing much needed storage space. Over the past 20 years, I have worked with many construction contractors involved in both new construction, and remodeling projects involving the installation or replacement of cabinets. I have learned that if you shop around you can find cabinets to fit any budget.

Before you begin to shop for cabinets, carefully consider your needs. The quality and cost of cabinets varies considerably between manufacturers. You want to take the time to make accurate measurements of the rooms where the cabinets are going to be installed. Write down the measurements and bring a sketch of the room with you when you go looking for cabinets. Make sure your drawing shows the locations of all of the electrical outlets and plumbing connections. This will help when choosing cabinets designed to fit your kitchen or bathroom.

Building Supply Stores

Building supply stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot are a good place to find cheap cabinets. Visit the kitchen and bathroom section of these stores to shop for pre-made cabinets. You can buy a combination of pre-made cabinets that will match your floor plan. Many building supply stores will assist you by offering computerized cabinet design services. You can also order custom made cabinets from many building supply stores. Because they buy in such large volume, building supply stores can get low prices from cabinet manufacturers and pass those savings on to the customer.

Custom Cabinet Maker

Custom cabinet makers are sometimes overlooked as a source of cheap cabinets. Cabinet prices vary greatly between cabinet makers, and between geographical regions. Sometimes a custom cabinet maker is going through a slow work period and is willing to offer you a deal. Often, you can find a custom cabinet maker that will build you custom cabinets at a competitive price. You also have more flexibility when dealing with a custom cabinet builder. You can easily upgrade cabinet hardware such as hinges and drawer slides. A custom cabinet maker can also provide professional cabinet installation.

Online Cabinet Sales

Many of the large cabinet manufacturers sell cabinets online. You have a wide variety of inexpensive pre-made cabinets to choose from. You can save money by having the cabinets shipped to you directly from the factory. You can also order cabinets that are unassembled or unfinished. You can save even more money by assembling and staining the cabinets yourself. Make sure that you factor in the shipping costs when comparing cabinet prices.


Pay close attention to the type of materials used in cabinet construction. Materials used in constructing cabinets vary from cheap plywood to expensive hardwoods, such as oak. The quality of cabinet hardware is also important. Cheap door hinges and drawer slides can wear out quickly and need replacement.

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