How to Calm Your Dog’s Noise Anxiety

Most pets hate loud noises everything from sirens to firecrackers or gunshots to thunder. While everyone is enjoying the fireworks displays during the fourth of July, dogs are having fits. If you notice when fireworks are sounding off or during a thunderstorm, you will mostly never hear dogs barking most of them remain quiet. Dogs have very sensitive hearing and loud noise irritates them and causes them to become anxious. Some dogs panic and can jump through windows, fall down stairs when loud noises startle them, or become aggressive and attack, so you shouldn’t take their fear lightly. Here are a few ways to calm your dog’s noise anxiety.

If your dog runs to a small place like a cabinet or under beds or desks, don’t try to move them out of that space. If they feel safe there, let them stay. You can help to make a safe place for your dog when they become startled by noises by making a nice, small comfortable spot somewhere in a corner or under your bed. Dogs tend to be less scared if they are in a place where they feel comfortable. If your dog usually stays in a particular room or basement, when a thunderstorm begins or firecrackers are sounding off, then guide them back to their safe zone. If your dog is too scared to go back to their usually place or they still seem anxious or panicky, then make a makeshift crate or box where they feel comfortable and let them climb into it. Put some blankets and a toy inside the crate or box with them.

Another way to calm your dog’s noise anxiety is to put a cover over them. Throwing a cover over a dog seems to have a calming effect. Remember my article about fighting dogs? One of the suggestions was to throw a cover over the dogs to stop them from fighting. The same thing works when your dog is panicky or anxious over loud noises. Don’t forget to give your dog some tender loving care to help calm your dog’s noise anxiety. Rub, pat, and talk to your dog but don’t give them too much attention. Too much cuddling may cause your dog to go into a panic attack every time they hear loud noises. They will constantly expect the attention. If you can, you can try covering up the noise by turning the TV up or turning the stereo louder. You can also play with your dog when loud noises are taking place, this can help calm your dog’s noise anxiety.

Finally, to calm your dog’s noise anxiety make sure you and others around remain calm. Dogs react to their owners’ behavior, so if you are jumpy and nervous they will react in the same manner or feed off of your behavior. Remaining calm and talking to your pet in a calm voice will help ease your pet’s noise anxiety.

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