How to Relieve Muscle Cramps Instantly

Muscle cramps are painful and are mainly caused by physical exertion or exercise. Cramps can also occur by dehydration, inefficient preparation for an activity and insufficient nutrition. Remember that cramps mainly affect hamstrings, quadriceps and gastrocnemius muscles of the body. It affects front and back of thighs and calves of the body. There is no need to panic as it is temporary and not serious. You are required to be patient and calm. Keep in mind that relieving muscle cramps not only require treating the cramp but also preventing future cramps.


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    Be patient

    Even though cramps are very painful, you need to stay calm and be patient. By this you can handle the situation easily. In the other case you might end up worsening the situation. You need to sit on a seat. In case no seat is available, you should stand or walk slowly.

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    Breathe evenly

    In case your cramp is a result from exercise, you need to breathe slowly or bring it under control. This is because you must be breathing very fast as a result of exercise.

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    Count and breathe

    You need to breathe evenly along with counting slowly. You need to breathe in for two counts and vice versa. Later you need to increase the counts or slow your counting.

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    Next you need to stretch the area which is cramped. In case you have cramps in your stomach, you can simple place the hands on head or extend sideways. Remember that if stretching increases the pain, you need to stop immediately.

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    Now you need to massage the area which is cramped. In case it increases the pain, you need to stop massaging immediately.

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    Wait for cramps to subside

    You need to wait for cramps to subside. Remember that you might endure pain during waiting but resting might heal the cramps.

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    In order to prevent getting cramps, you need to properly warm-up ahead of any exercise or playing any sport. Remember that for semi-vigorous activity, you are required to warm-up for almost 10 minutes.

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    Consume fluids

    You need to keep your body hydrated every time and you can do this by consuming fluids during and after the workout. Water is the best option but you can also have sweetened or unsweetened electrolyte powder.

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    You need to stretch for almost 10 to 15 minutes daily in order to prevent cramps. Focus on stretching those muscles which you are using most during the workout.

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