Life Would Be Difficult Without My Walmart Eyeglasses

It seems I started wearing eyeglasses upon emerging from my mother’s womb. My eyesight was so poor I could not even see my mother’s face while she held me in her arms. And, it was so poor I could not even see the mobile overhead in my play crib. All the other babies would turn their heads and cry at me. I knew what they were really saying. “That little baby girl needs eyeglasses.” Well, as the years have progressed I will wholeheartedly agreeâÂ?¦life would be difficult without my eyeglasses. Currently, it is my Wal-Mart eyeglasses. I bought my Wal-Mart eyeglasses since other optical sites wanted me to take a second mortgage in order to afford them. Not Wal-Mart. Walmart helped me out with my vision concerns. Hip Hooray for my Wal-Mart eyeglasses!

My Wal-Mart eyeglasses are the first thing I put on in the morning. That way I can see my feet as I put my socks on. My eyeglasses consist of compressed lenses encased in wire frames. My eyeglasses are convenient and easy for me to use. I just put them on and go.

My eyeglasses are put in the same place each night. That way, I can know exactly where to feel around in the morning to find them. After all, their location on the nightstand is two feet from my eyes. That is too far to see without my eyeglasses.

My eyeglasses are a part of my face. My eyes have perfect vision because of my eyeglasses. They also are lightweight and provide a wide area of clear viewing. In addition to all that, my eyeglasses look good on me. I feel stylish and practical with my eyeglasses on. More than anything, I can see clearly.

My eyeglasses contain ‘invisible’ bifocals, which help me to read up close. (Or, so I am told). My eye doctor said I needed them, but I do not think so. I can take my eyeglasses off, put the reading page an inch from my eyes and see just fine, thank you. Who needs to pay extra for bifocals in my eyeglasses?

My eyeglasses have frames with flexible stems (the part that goes behind the ear). That feature is supposed to come in handy when one is ‘tough’ on frames. Even though my eyeglasses have this feature, I treat my eyeglasses with respect. For what I pay, I better. In fact, I baby them.

My eyeglasses have lenses that are polished. This means the edges are shiny. This feature is simply for looks only. I prefer it.

An extra feature of my eyeglasses involves a compressed prescription. This results in a thinner lens than normal. It also costs extra, but I do not look like I am wearing Coke bottles now.

All in all, I love my eyeglasses. Life would be difficult without my eyeglasses. I have tried contacts. No thank you. My Wal-Mart eyeglasses will do just fine.

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