How to Catch an Escaped Hamster Without Harming It

To catch a hamster you first have to realize why they’re so dang hard to catch. Hamsters tend to hide, and not move around much, so they’ve hard to locate. The hardest part about catching a hamster is first finding their main hiding spot. Hamsters tend to hide in the same spot over and over again once they’ve hidden there once, as long as they’ve got access to that location.

To locate a hamster is easy. But there are a few tricks as well. Hamsters don’t move around a whole lot when they’re escaped. The main reason why they’ll move from their hiding spot is to find food. So there’s the answer to how to catch them. Plant food in a room where you think they could be. If the close all other ways out of the room (they tend to hide in closed, small bedrooms). If when you return, the food has moved, you know where the hamster is.

The easiest ways to plant food are:

A. Put the food in a container, and hope the hamster knocks it down.
B. Put one piece of large food in the center of the room, then check to see if it’s still present or has bite marks.
C. Directly try and catch the hamster with the food.

To directly attempt at catching the hamster using the food as bait, there’s an old-fashioned trick. Not all hamsters will fall for it, however most non-skiddish hamsters will.

To do this, you simply find a container big enough to where if you were to set the hamster in it, he could not climb out. The trick to this one is to put the food in a location to where if the hamster attempts to get it, he will end up falling in the bucket. The way i did this was to make a book up to the bucket which the hamster could climb on, then I laid a piece of paper across the rim of the bucket, and put a few of the hamster’s favorite treats on it. As soon as he stepped out to get the food, BOOM, the paper gives and he falls in along with the paper.

Good luck with this one. This is the easiest and most effective way for me to catch a hamster without harming it. I can’t stand to hear of people who have harmed their pets in the process of catching them, or they get harmed being ignored while escaped.

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