How to Caulk Your Bathroom Sink

Is there some icky rubbery stuff around the edge of your bathroom sink? When you clean do you scrub the side of your bathroom sink to no avail? It may be time to caulk your bathroom sink. Caulking your bathroom sink will give a facelift to your bathroom. It will make you feel better because your bathroom sink will look fresh and clean. The first thing you want to do is to decide whether to paint the bathroom. You are now able to paint caulk. So if you would prefer a uniform look where you don’t see the wall ending and the sink beginning then paint the caulk. If you are going to paint the caulk then you will need to caulk before you paint.

The bathroom wall looks much better painted with the caulk white. The white caulk looks fresh and makes the bathroom look clean to the eyes. So try to paint first even though this will add time to your project. Even before you paint the bathroom wall though the one thing you have to do first is to get the old caulk off the bathroom sink.

First scrape the old caulk off the bathroom wall and around the bathroom sink and vanity. You might have to peel the rest of the caulk off with your hands or nails. If you need to loosen the old caulk take alcohol or my favorite, skin so soft bath oil, or fingernail polish remover and rub enough liquid onto the old caulk and let the liquid “sink” in to the caulk. Then scrub the caulk off. Once you scrub off the caulk clean the bathroom wall and sink off. Let the area dry before painting or caulking.

Once the area is dry you can paint the wall, if you want the bathroom wall painted and the paint new and fresh before caulking the bathroom sink and vanity. You need to let the bathroom wall dry after painting and before you caulk the bathroom sink and vanity areas.

Once the wall is dry take your caulk, the best caulk is the 50 year indoor outdoor caulk from Lowe’s for about $4.00, cut the tip at an angle before putting the caulk in the caulking gun.

Before you start to caulk bring a roll of paper towels into the bathroom. Use the sturdy kind like Scott towels, or use a handkerchief or old shirt. Wet about three paper towels or one third of the old shirt.

Put the caulk gun down on the part where you want caulked. Steadily squeeze until you have caulked the area you want caulked.

Take your finger and put it on the start of the area you caulked. You are going to rub your finger along the caulk bead to flatten it out. If you need to use more caulk repeat the step. Don’t let the caulk build up on your finger as you are evening out the caulk bead. Wipe up any access caulk before it dries. Now you have caulked you bathroom sink.

This is the ideal time to caulk the entire bathroom following the same steps.

1. Take the old caulk off the walls, bathroom sink and bathroom vanity areas.

2. Clean the excess caulk and chemicals used to get the old caulk off the bathroom sink area, vanity, and walls.

3. Let the bathroom sink, vanity and wall dry

4. Paint the walls

5. Let the bathroom wall dry

6. Cut the tip of the caulk at an angle

7. Put the caulk tube in the caulk gun

8. Use steady pressure on the caulking gun and put a caulk bead around the area you want caulked

9. Use your finger to even the caulk bead around your project

10. Wipe any access caulk up before it dries.

11. If you need more caulk to fill the area repeat steps 8-10.

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