How to Choose a Good Sports Bra

A woman’s breasts must be well protected and supported during exercise, in both leisure activity and competitive sports. Even with slight movement, breast tissue stretches, leading to unwanted sagging and stretch marks. Breast tissue that is inadequately protected during activities causing the breast to “bounce”, such as high-impact aerobics and horse-back riding, is most susceptible to damage.

Take the time to do this brief bra test:

1. Do your breasts feel secure and well supported during your workout?
2. Does your bra ensure that each breast is housed in a separate cup?
3. Does your bra dry easily?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, your bra is inadequate. As soon as one embarks upon a new sports activity or workout, much time is spent purchasing the appropriate equipment, attire and athletic shoes. The same care should be given to selecting the best bra for your fitness lifestyle.

Here are some features of a good sports bra:

1. Breasts are supported from underneath and not from the shoulder straps.
2. Should provide a comfortable fit.
3. Offers a criss-cross or triangular design to ensure that the breasts are each housed in their own compartment. This will keep the breasts from bumping into each other which can cause bruising or tissue damage.
4. Made with a material that does not get soaked or saturated, also the bra should dry easily. Wetness eventually leads to chafing.

Remember, being callous about breast care today will result in unattractive breasts tomorrow.

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