Yoga, How To Get Your Body Ready To Begin Training

Yoga is one of the best forms of exercise we can do. Not only does it help with back problems but it also fends of aging by keeping the muscles taut and the mind free of stress. There are so many benefits from it it’s a wonder more people aren’t doing it. Perhaps many would like to start but haven’t the faintest idea how to begin. After all, to some it might seem intimidating – an exercise reserved for the more flexible among us. It also has a bad reputation for being a non-aerobic, and therefore not a good fat-burning exercise. If either of these is the reasons holding you back you ought to rethink your approach to yoga.

All it really takes is for you to become a beginner. If you can be patient enough with your body to simply start practicing yoga, it won’t be long before you feel the many benefits. The first thing you need is a good yoga video. Don’t start with an advanced practice, even if you’re a marathon runner. Yoga is a different kind of practice and it requires that you start from scratch.

The best yoga videos are those that adhere to the principles of yoga. The ones that just give you a good workout are better used once you know the poses. The basics of yoga can be learned in a few lessons and you needn’t spend months on this phase. But it is crucial to know where you’re going. Yoga is an ongoing practice; even those who’ve been doing it for decades consider themselves students.

The DVD “Total Yoga” is an example of the best kind of yoga available to home users. It gives clear instruction, emphasizing proper positioning and has different postures for different levels. In yoga class the instructor will watch your alignment and correct you when you aren’t doing it properly. With a DVD at home you don’t have that same attention but if the teacher on the DVD is doing a good job he or she will be explaining alignment along with breathing, the two most important elements to practicing yoga.

If you’re doing everything right and working hard you should be horribly sore the next day. Your muscles will need a day or two to rest and heal. But the good news is, when you return back to the mat you’ll find you’re just a little bit stronger than you were yesterday. The more you practice the more your muscles respond and eventually, you will be able to do things you never thought possible before.

This will prepare you ultimately for your first yoga class. Even the beginners yoga class can be strenuous for some. Many will struggle through the poses before finally giving up and walking out before the class is finished. It won’t take you long to figure out if yoga is for you or not. Some are hooked immediately. Others are not.

As to the equipment you’ll need, you have to start with a sticky mat. You can buy these at a yoga studio or in some department stores like Target. Even some grocery stores sell them. But your best bet is probably online. There are hundreds of sites that sell mats and equipment.

You’ll need some comfortable pants that don’t bind at the waist. Many yoga teachers wear t-shirts but anything that doesn’t fall up when you’re upside down is good enough. Best of all, yoga requires that you practice barefoot. No shoes to buy! Once you upgrade to taking classes, remember never to wear perfume or scented oils. Yoga is designed around the breath, specifically with nose breathing. No one wants a nose full of chemicals while they’re deep breathing.

So you see, yoga CAN be for everybody. No one should be scared away because they don’t have a clue as to how to begin. There are no “yoga types.” Once you begin taking class you’ll see that people who are drawn to yoga come from all different backgrounds, have all different body types and, thankfully, are taught to approach the practice without judgment. They are all there for the same reason: to gain the health and spiritual benefits of yoga.

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