How to Jog On a Mini Trampoline

Most people have seen a big trampoline that can fit up to five people at one time on top of it, jumping up and down and having the most fun they have ever had in their life. Ever wonder what that smaller version of a trampoline is meant for? Well, the mini trampoline, also known as a rebounder is for the use of one person at a time and instead of being something used for entertainment, it is a fun way to get quality exercise and a targeted workout.

Unlike any other, the mini trampoline allows one to work out some isolated muscle areas due to the jumping that is not normal in our daily routine and helps in burning those calories like you would never have even imagined of.


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    Set it Up

    Using a mini trampoline is not always as easy to use as it looks. Using a big trampoline is much easier because of the tremendous amount of space you have in that very wide circle, but when using a rebounder, there is just a limited amount for you to use when needed. In order to jog on a mini trampoline, you need to set it up first. Place it somewhere where you have quick access to grabbing something for support, especially if you are a beginner and this is your first time attempting to job on a mini trampoline.

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    Attempt to Jog

    It may feel weird at start that you are not jogging in the park or on the treadmill but it will take some time getting used to and eventually, you will being to feel naturally when trying to jog on a mini trampoline. The best thing about a mini trampoline is that it provides a different effect to your body and is something unusual from the normal.

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    The Technique

    Like you would normally jog, jogging on a mini trampoline is not much different, but similar to a treadmill since you are not really going anywhere and stay in one place. The difference here is that jogging on a mini trampoline really gives your legs a good work out. It forces you to control your body weight and keep your legs moving, all at the same time. You may feel like you have really exerted yourself after a couple of minutes, but keep on practising and you will definitely begin to feel the change in a matter of days as your stamina builds.

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