Polymetric Exercises for Body Builders

Polymetric exercise refers to exercises that require the use of more than one muscle. Polymetric exercise can enhance a body builders existing workout and can help ensure the bodybuilder works all muscles. Since body builders usually work out muscles in isolation, polymetric exercise can be something totally new to a body builder.

Most physical activities outside of the gym are polymetric exercises, using more that one muscles. A bodybuilder may choose to swim, for example, to combine the use of muscles. Sports like gymnastics, dance, soccer, etc. would all qualify as polymetric exercies. Martial arts is another option to incorporate polymetric exercises into a body builders workout. Most likely, a body builder will prefer a polymetric exercise routine that can be done within a gym. For this, polymetric exercises imitate the movements of activities that involve natural polymetrics.

A body builder may choose to incorporate the use of a rowing machine into his program. Rowing is a natural polymetric exercise. The machine replicates the motions, requiring the body builder to use legs, arms, back and stomach muscles all at once. The combination and ways in which the muscles are used in rowing may be completely different from the isolated exercises of body building and my help improve the body builders workout.

Certain stair climbing machines can be polymetric exercises for a bodybuilder if the machine is the type with arm resistance straps. The straps, when used, require the body builder to use his arms as well as legs during the stair climb.

Using a medicine ball for various exercises can turn isolated exercises into polymetric exercies for body builders. Simple sit-ups, for instance can incorporate chest muscles into the workout. Instead of doing simple sit-ups, body builders can “play catch” so to speak with the medicine ball with every upward sit. Throwing the ball to a partner adds the use of the chest and arms to the work out. A body builder can also use a pilates ball during sit-ups to create a polymetric exercise. The instability of the ball forces the body builder to engage many muscles while performing the sit-ups, therefore making the simple sit-ups a much more productive exercise.

The medicine ball can also turn stretching into a polymetric exercise. Lunges or squats can be done holding the medicine ball at length, therefore engaging the arms, abdomen and chest muscles.

Incorporating polymetric exercises into a workout is important for body builders to achieve an optimum work out. Often when muscles are worked in isolation, as body builders know, they are not used to full capacity or are not worked to the full range of their abilities. Polymetric exercises ensure the muscles are not only being worked as a body builder would work them, but that they are being worked in combination with other muscles to improve both muscles and workout.

Any activity that combines muscle use would qualify as a polymetric exercise, but for body builders, the same can be achieved in the gym.

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