How to Fold Rebounder Trampoline

Rebounder trampoline is a good source for aerobic and strengthening exercises. You can conveniently use it at any place near your house where children can exercise and have fun. Then you can easily fold it and store at a safe place. The folding of trampoline is not a difficult job, although it requires some care. Trampoline can be folded flat, which makes it more convenient for storing. You can store it even at a small place anywhere in your house or garage.


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    First of all, pull back the trampoline cover from the rebounder. The fabric is simply stuck with an elastic in the round corners of the trampoline fabric. By pulling the fabric you will expose hinges of the rebounder on both sides.

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    Keep the fabric on one side. Do not just throw it at a distance, especially if your children are playing near, they can damage it or it can cause an injury to them. After that, turn the rebounder frame in way that its legs face upwards.

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    Pull each leg of the rebounder over its pin and turn them towards centre. All legs will be turned into centre of the rebounder from the hinges of its round corner.

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    Locate hinges on all sides of the rebounder just near the frame. Pull them down and have another person to kneel down on one side of the hinges.

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    Kneel down yourself on the hinges about two inches from the frame and have another person kneel down on the other side of the hinges at about a similar distance from the frame.

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    Now ask the person to lean towards each other simultaneously and grab a spring on the other side, near the top end of the device. Pull the spring towards you until the frame is folded in half.

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    You can pull the spring with one hand, while leaving your one hand on the floor for the support. You can attach the spring then with the frame when the rebounder is folded in half.

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    Make sure the spring is rightly fixed with the rebounder frame and it should not remove itself. It can cause a damage to the rebounder or the place where you keep it. Even it can cause some serious injury risk if it is accessed by any other person.

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    Keep the rebounder at a safe place, along with trampoline, which you can fold or leave as it is. Since being a fabric, trampoline is easy to fold. You can use the rebounder and trampoline in the same way you have folded them.

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