How to Clean Clear Glass Shower Doors

Beautiful they are and hard to keep clean. Clear glass shower doors add elegance and visual space to a bathroom if they are spotlessly clean. Cloudy glass shower doors (and walls) ruin the look of the bathroom, but short of never using your lovely clear glass shower, how can you keep the glass clean? Glad you asked. Here’s how to remove the gunk and keep clear glass shower doors clean.

Determine the Source

The source of cloudy gunk must be determined first so you will know the right product to use for cleaning. The gunk is usually a buildup of soap scum, body oils and other personal hygiene products used while showering. Hard water is sometimes the culprit behind the cloudy glass and is evidenced by a spotty or mineral look on the glass.

Glass Cleaning Products

Once the source has been determined, purchase appropriate cleaning products and keep them handy for use as soon as you are done showering. The warm water and steam of the shower will help soften the cloudy buildup and make it easier to remove regardless of it’s source.

If the gunk buildup is from products like soaps and shampoos, you will need a bottle of cheap shampoo or dishwashing liquid and a scrubbing sponge (one that won’t scratch the glass) to clean the glass. While moisture is still on the glass doors, pour a little cheap shampoo or dishwashing liquid onto the sponge and rub it all over the glass. Let set for ten minutes, then rinse well. Repeat this process until all the buildup gunk is gone. Shampoo and dishwashing liquid contain degreasers which will breakdown the grease and oils which are adhering to the glass, making it easy to rinse away.

If the cloudy gunk is caused by hard water, soak a sponge with white vinegar and wipe down the glass area. Re-wet the sponge with vinegar as needed for a large glass shower so the glass will be saturated. Let vinegar set for ten minutes, then rinse. Vinegar will remove the cloudy, hard water buildup and disinfect all surfaces which it touches.

Prevent Gunk Buildup

One tool will keep shower doors clean and prevent gunk buildup – a squeegee. Keep one handy and use it to wipe down all glass shower surfaces immediately after use.


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