Why I Feel Small Town Living is Great

Many people think there isn’t much to do in a small town. However, while it may lack certain elements that only a big city can provide, small towns are also excellent places to live. Below are a few brief reasons why I feel that life in a small town can be an excellent moving choice.

The main thing, in my opinion, about small town living being better than city life is the space you have available that isn’t always around in the city. Houses are bigger, often way cheaper a month to rent or pay a mortgage on than apartment living. Not only this space with a bigger house, but in a small town you tend to have a very nice sized yard – both front and back. These yards are excellent for children to play in while staying close to home, as well as the added ability to have a swingset or even a pool – both of which you can’t have in an apartment, obviously. One awesome aspect of a big lawn is your children (or you) can set up a tent in the summer and sleep outside, while being able to have all the benefits of being at home

The fresh air is also another excellent reason why small town life is great. You don’t have as many cars polluting the air and the areas are generally loaded with trees. Since factories tend to fill the air with nasty toxins – out here the only real worry is if a farm is spreading cow manure on their fields. But last I knew that didn’t harm a soul and only caused a little gagging until you get used to the air.

Not only is the air a benefit, but also the areas in a small town can be quite scenic, in fact, a complete opposite to city living. Especially at night, when you can sit outside in quiet, which is abundant in the small town. Traffic dies out and the area goes quiet. Actually, the sounds die out so much that if you live in the right area you can hear peepers and crickets at night from quite a distance. Sunrises and sunsets are always gorgous, especially when you can get a clear view of the multi-colored sky. You know you don’t need to drive too far (or walk) to have a pleasant view in most cases.

Schools are often considerably smaller in small towns. Teachers tend to be of a slightly higher quality, but that may just be in part due to the fewer students to teacher ratio. On average in my small town there are 20 to 30 students per teacher and around 100 students per grade. While this doesn’t always guarantee a safer environment as we have seen in the news, the students tend to have the ability to grasp onto learning better in small class sizes. There’s also less of a worry of drug dealers in the area, which I have heard can be a large concern to many parents in choosing a school.

Every summer in most of the small towns in my area, there are various festivals held – which include music, crafters selling wares in the park and parades – even small carnivals for the little ones. These aren’t remotely close to block parties even though once in a while a town will hold a street dance. Often times you can get quite the bargain on a home-made craft and feel good in knowing that all the profits go directly to the crafter. That’s a feeling a of bigger stores can’t give you. Plus, small town items most of the time are better quality.

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