T-Shirt Business: A How To Guide

The T shirt business is a lucrative one that can be successfully run by anyone. With its various streams and values, the T shirt printing business that can be run by the average Joe or the girl next door. No knowledge of the fashion industry or clothing line is necessary; just the energy and drive to run with it, is all it takes. What’s more, it can be done part time alongside a full time occupation and initially requires little capital and labor to get started. Largely a small scale business you can appoint family members and friends to help out.

What you first need though, is an affordable printing machine that can handle printing work as well as some basic knowledge on how to run it. Primarily based on the model of printing, T shirt printing depends on the following three common methods of printing which are popularly applied in small scale printing due to their cost effectiveness;

1. Transfer printing,

2. Vinyl transfer printing

3. Sublimation printing.

T shirt fabrics and color schemes must always be chosen wisely. By no means should the t shirt printing business be taken lightly. The selected raw material has to compliment the printing methods and ensure durability and quality. For small scale T shirt printing firms, competition abounds and there is the need to maintain high level of quality to attract bigger orders which are more profitable in the long run.

To stay ahead of the pack, build a website for your T shirt business and start taking online orders as well. This will save on costs of promotion and advertisements, providing flexibility to your customers. There should be sufficient samples for customers to choose from as well as freedom decide their preferred design that is to be printed on their t shirt of choice. Moreover, discounted prices always attract more business. In as much as you are looking to make huge profits, freebies and discounts can make you even more sales than anticipated.

Though leaving a huge dent in your pocket, spending money on copyrighting your designs can save you a whole lot in future. This is an aspect of the t shirt business often overlooked by small scale t shirt firms. Remember that you are competing with larger more established firms that already have a name. No point in allowing all your secrets to be easily accessible to the firms with the money and muscle to use them to get ahead. Protect you ideas early on in your business.

There is what is known as C&D (Cease and Desist) which is a way of protecting your designs firm being used illegally by other people. It may not get you justice in court as most copyright lawsuits never get to that point; but it may make the other party aware that you know they are trying to use your designs for their own benefit.

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