Tips on How To Give a Fresh Look to Your Kitchen Cabinets

Often after we have been in our homes for a long period, we start to look for ways to bring back the freshness. Like most of us you probably spend a lot of time in the kitchen, because of this, this is the area you will probably want to freshen up. The first thing you may have thought about is to paint, then to add some accessories to spruce it up. The next thing that will probably pop out at you after painting is that your kitchen cabinets are not up to par. True there are a lot of beautiful new cabinetry out there and some inexpensive, but before you start replacing, why don’t you try cleaning and restoring first to bring life back into your kitchen.

The reason why cabinets begin to look dull after awhile is because of all the cooking activity going on in the kitchen. They tend to hold onto all of the smoke, grease and food particles floating around in the air. Though we generally clean the kitchen everyday, the cabinets often go over-looked for months, even years at a time.

Cleaning your wood cabinets can restore that brilliance you seek in your newly painted kitchen. A simple solution of one-part soap or even dishwashing detergent can be used to clean cabinets. Make sure you are using a grease cutting dishwashing liquid. Wood cleaners can also be purchased from your local supermarket. Some all-purpose household cleaning solutions may be suitable for cleaning as well. Make sure you read the label carefully to insure that your wood surface will not become damaged by the use of that particular product. If you prefer not to use a chemical base cleaner, try a natural cleaner such as vinegar. Straight vinegar can be used to clean a heavy build up, if it just to touch up cabinets, mix half vinegar with half water. A baking soda paste is also a good natural cleaner. A natural cleaner for wood cabinets that you might not ever think of using is a mixture of club soda and lemon juice.

You may prefer to paint your cabinets a totally different color to give you that new fresh look that your are seeking. Cabinets can be painted but must be properly prepped before doing so or paint will not hold. After washing or cleaning cabinets.

1. Apply a water based latex primer with adhesion properties

2. Allow primer to dry overnight

3. The next day lightly sand down the cabinets

4. Apply at least one finishing coat of paint, two is better – for easy clean up and less order choose a latex based enamel, latex based enamel is not as durable as a solvent. When choosing a solvent-based paint, remember that the higher the gloss the tougher the finish will be.

Because of painting in an enclosed space, ALWAYS remember to have adequate ventilation circulating fresh air into the room. You want a beautiful new look to your cabinets but not at the expense of you own safety. A tip for getting paint off of your skin easily is to use a hand cream to base your skin before painting.

Sprucing up your cabinets will not only give you the look but also the feel of a fresh new kitchen. Now get busy cooking and inviting friends and family over to enjoy a good meal and your fresh new kitchen.

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