Tankless Water Heaters, a Good Choice

Tankless hot water heaters are a popular choice in many areas of the world. They are in use throughout Europe, Asia, and much of the world, yet they aren’t really popular in America. Perhaps they deserve a second look.

What is a tankless hot water heater, and how does it work? Essentially, a tankless hot water heater is a set of coils inside a container called a heat exchanger. They come in gas and electric models. There is a burner or heating unit it the heat exchanger, and it is only active when there is a need for hot water. When you turn the hot water on. It is “on demand” hot water. I have had the opportunity to use tankless hot water heating while traveling overseas and have found them to be adequate.

Another advantage of tankless hot water heaters is that they never run out of water. As long as you have the faucet open, they will be heating the water. You can preset the level to make it has hot as you want. Americans are used to bigger things. Hot water when you want it, for multiple applications. Problem is, it runs out, doesn’t it? And it isn’t very efficient either. Big tank heaters like those found in almost all American homes and apartments keep the water hot all the time. So energy is being used that is going to waste. When they are correctly chosen for the application you want and you get the right size and install it right, tankless hot water heaters will save energy and money. You can even choose a model that will burn at different levels depending on the usage. For example, if you are just using some hot water while brushing your teeth, it will burn at a lower level then it would if you were taking a hot shower.

To be the most efficient, you want to set your thermostat so that you use only water taken through the heater. Don’t turn it up too high and mix cold water with it. Tankless hot water heaters are great for any use that requires large volumes of hot water. Expect to pay more up front for a tankless. The savings will come down the line. There are also tax incentives. A 300.00 dollar tax credit applies to models that meet certain criteria. Most of them do, but be sure to check the model you are purchasing. The more hot water you currently use the quicker you will see savings from a tankless heater. Plus you can save space, they are much smaller. Most of the models hang on a wall. You can also use more than one. Put one tankless heater near each bathroom in a larger house.

Of course, tankless hot water heaters are not for everyone. If you rent or if your home design would make it challenging to install, it might not be for you. But if you are building a new house soon or looking to remodel and looking to go “green” tankless hot water heating is for you. Just do your research!

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