How to Clean Out Clutter From the House

Looking for ways to clean out some of the old stuff you have replaced with new toys and gadgets this holiday season? Here are a few tips and suggestions on places and ways to clean out the closets and move on with life quickly.

Tip #1. If the item is still in wonderful shape and you want to sell it check with your local newspaper. Many local papers now offer free ads for items under a certain dollar amount. My local paper allows any items under $100 to be listed for up to 5 days free. This would allow you to place multiple ads for free and make some extra dough.

Tip #2. If you are feeling generous, check and see if your area has a local Freecycle Network. What is freecycle you ask? Simple it is a program that is designed to help keep stuff out of the landfills. Things that are still in good shape are offered up to other residents of the area and you are able to select from responders who you want to receive your item. The items must be free, with no payment terms attached at all to qualify for freecycle. Individual freecycle groups may have additional rules, so check with your local freecycle group for more information. You can find out a lot more information about freecycle at, on their site you can even search for a local freecycle group in your area, or apply to start a freecycle group in your area if one does not already exist.

Tip #3. Donations to charities. Many charities rely on donations to help either supply their thrift stores that operate to generate money for good causes, or to donate to needy families. Extra clothes and household appliances are normally in high demand with charities as well as some food. Check around, most charities are also able to give you a donation receipt that you can use to write off the donation for tax purposes, which for some people with the right filing requirements can equal up to big savings come tax time.

Tip #4. Do you yard sale? If so, consider gathering the items up, and maybe coordinate a neighborhood sale. I have noticed that sales in which several people are all set up selling the same weekend tend to generate bigger crowds, which means more money for everyone. Cheap to coordinate, an ad in the local papers usually cost between $5-$8 and often include nifty little yard sale signs for your yard. Large sheets of bright paper are only about $.50 and usually generate a lot of attention for your sale as well.

While receiving items is always great, the true meaning of Christmas is all about giving, and while we have been given lots of new stuff we always have some things to clean out of the house to make room. I hope that these tips and suggestions will provide you with a good starting point for clearing the clutter from your house.

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