Garden Decor: Vintage Shutter Garden Trellis Craft

You can easily make this Vintage Shutter Garden Trellis for an outdoor garden, a container garden, and even a patio garden! This Vintage Shutter Garden Trellis comes in any shape and size you can find a wood shutter in!

I love using unexpected vintage objects in the garden. They are a great way to add some color. This Vintage Shutter Garden Trellis is a also a great way to add a little high and create some privacy as well!

To Make This Vintage Shutter Garden Trellis You Will Need:

Vintage Wood Shutters
Metal Stakes with Screw holes
Exterior Paint
Veining plants
Paint Brushes
Flat metal L brackets

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The first thing you need to do is look for a few vintage wood shutters. They do not have to be the same height. In fact, using different heights of vintage woo shutters is a great way to create some awesome visual appeal and interest in any garden!

Now, go ahead and lightly sand you vintage wood shutters. Spray on a coat of exterior primer. You can buy this in the spray paint can aisle.

Let this dry and spray on a coat of exterior grade spray paint. You can also paint on an exterior paint, but the spray paint will allow you to cover small crevices as well as the slats quickly.

Let all the paint dry.

Now, lay your vintage wood shutters face down and side by side on a flat surface.

Lay flat metal brackets so that the reach across from one shutter to the one laying next to it. Pre drill the hole sand screw one bracket into the top and one into the bottom back. Continue this method connecting all the vintage wood shutters to form a “wall.”

Now, on the back you will need to install anywhere form two to six metal stakes to stand your Vintage Shutter Garden Trellis in the eground. Basically place a metal stake about every 2 feet.

Look for metal stakes that have a pre drilled hole for drill a screw through into the shutter. You can also use wood garden stakes and drill your own hole.

After you have screwed you wood stake sin place you may want to paint the top one foot near the base of the trellis is they will be visible. You do not have to stab the Vintage Shutter Garden Trellis flush into the ground, but you can.

Now, simply place your Vintage Shutter Garden Trellis where you want it in your garden and press down. Simple and easy! Press easy on the top, giving even pressure to any of the shutters with wood stakes.

You are finished!

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