How to Clean Your Dorm Room in 10 Minutes or Less

You can hear them knocking on doors and the faint sounds of “R.A.!” are shouted and your heart is pounding. The room isn’t clean, and inspections are today, they’re slowly making their way towards your room. You have no idea where to start, but you definitely need to clean up the mess.

Welcome to college. Random health and safety inspections are a common occurrence and this often means that student’s room must be rather clean and free from trash. This also means that items must be placed about the room in a manner that doesn’t interfere with safety issues. To make it possible to clean your dorm room in 10 minutes or less, you have to make sure a few things are accomplished first. These few small steps will enable you to quickly clean in a pinch.

First, place your trash can in the area that you are most. That means if you’re often found sitting by your desk, place it beside your desk so you can just reach over and throw things away. Place your clothes hamper wherever you tend to get dressed most as you’ll just be able to toss all the dirty clothes right into the hamper at a seconds notice. If you often eat in your room and have dishes to wash, fill a cup with water and put a bit of dish soap into it. Whenever you are finished with a piece of silverware, you can just plop it into the cup and the water will go to work for you. However dishes will need to be washed right away. There are no excuses that will work for not cleaning a dirty dish. Dirty dishes are often seen as an offence and will get you written up right away, so clean them quickly.

Now that the basics are out of the way, we’ll talk about cleaning when you’re in a hurry. Begin by dusting your room. Believe it or not, most dorm rooms accumulate a lot of dust, and fast. A duster will come in handy here, but if you don’t have one, a slightly damp paper towel will do the trick. Just quickly go over the things that grab the most dust such as the TV, stereo and your computer.

Next, pick up any lose papers or trash that is lying around. Since your trash can is already placed by the area you are most, you shouldn’t have much to pick up, Toss those things quickly and move onto picking up any stray clothes that didn’t make it to your hamper. Next, if you have any stray items on your floor pick those up and place them onto a desk or under your bed in a box or even in your dresser, anywhere that is out of the way.

Lastly, all you’ll need to do now is grab a broom or vacuum and quickly sweep the floor to remove any dust or dirt. All you’ll have to do when you’re finished is either empty the vacuum if you have a removable type receptacle or just leave it alone and put it out of the way somewhere such as your closet.

Since the silverware has been soaking in a cup of soapy water, you won’t have much cleaning to do. You probably could save those until after inspections were over, or until after any important event because more than likely, you’ll just have to empty the water and wash the cup and the silverware to remove any soap traces.

If you move fast, you should be able to accomplish all of the above in 10 minutes or less since most dorm rooms are rather small. To make cleaning easier next time, have space available in places such as under your bed or desk to place items that you need to put away fast. Milk crates are great for this since you don’t need to remove a lid. All you have to do is pick up everything and toss. A quick five minute clean every other day will definitely cut down on the amount of cleaning you need to do every week. That means you’ll have a clean dorm room in less than 10 minutes, and who wouldn’t want that?

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