How to Clean Your Gutters

Need to clean your gutters? Yes, you do! When I look at houses and find clogged or dirty gutters it tells me that there will be more water damage possible along the way. The gutter system on a house is a very important way of getting the water away from your house. Water is a large factor in most damage seen in houses. Water damage from the roof line all the way to your foundation is directly linked to getting the water away from the house all together. I advise clients on this all the time as it is a easy way to keep your largest investment in good shape, just by keeping your gutters clean.

OK, Now I have told you why you must do it, lets get to the tips on how to get it done and safely. The following items will be needed:

1. Ladder with wide steps and rubber tread on steps is preferred and obviously
long enough to reach your gutters.

2. A water supply hose long enough to reach the gutters.

3. Rubber gloves or small hand tool to remove large clumps of debris.

4. Rubber bottom shoes or boots to give better traction in wet conditions.

5. Extra person to help with hose and ladder placement. (Always Safety First)

The above items will have you prepared to clean your gutters. Start at the farthest end from the down spout. The gutters as long as they were installed correctly will pitch or slant down towards the down spout. Flush the debris towards the down spout removing large mounds of debris as you go and throwing them on the ground for clean up later. Remember safety first, this is why you throw it on the ground. Trying to hold a hose, small removal tool and you all on top of a ladder is enough already, let alone now trying to put it all into a bag at the same time. Inspect the gutter system for leaks or needed anchoring repairs at this time also.

Watching your down spout drain and flow will give you a indication on how full of debris your down spout itself is. The more turns or elbows the more clogged it can become. Now that you have reached the end of the gutter and the down spout connection hole, take your hose and put about two inches or more into the hole. Even if the down spout is filled, the water pressure will build and force the remaining debris out. You can use your hose almost like a plumbers snake to help with the clogs. Turn the water pressure up also to give a larger volume of water behind clogs. You can also do this in reverse as you can take the hose and feed it up from the ground inside the down spout if the clog is close to the bottom.

You will want to give a verbal cue to your helper when you are going to throw down the debris, because otherwise you might not have a helper for very long. Safety is always the main concern when ever on ladders and using tools. The debris piles can easily be picked up by your helper or you once you are done cleaning out the gutters.

So, there you have it. Clean gutters!

Now, there are attachments that have a u-shaped head on them that can be attached to a hose or even pressure washer attachments that can make the whole job faster, easier and safer.

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