How to Clean Your Home Sweet Home

Everybody desires a clean house, but it takes effort and interest everyday to maintain a clean house. Your house is not ever going to be 100% dirt free, EVER. But you can change the way you do clean to have the appearance of a dirt free house. All you need to do is follow these helpful tips to care for your home, and also will help to reduce dust mites and those nasty germs.

1. First off, vacuum your carpet everyday to pick up left over dust, dirt, and hair that tends to settle at night while you are sleeping. You’ll be surprised at how much of it that you don’t see, or don’t even know or think is there. If you have one of those vacuum cleaners with the clear container that all the dirt goes in and a filter that gets so nasty that you have to clean it with an air hose, you know what I’m talking about. Use the brush attachment and vacuum up the base boards around the walls. This is the place with the most dirt and dust, and if left unattended, looks tacky, and can cause allergies. You will also want to clear the ceiling of spider webs and dust, yes dust gets on the ceiling too. While you’re at it, clean the ceiling fans too.

2. It is important to dust everyday also, everybody knows this. Your television, counter tops, desks, computer, and shelves clutter with dust everyday. Something that I do while dusting is open the windows and let the entire house air out, that way when I dust it doesn’t just go on the floor or somewhere else.

3. Clean your windows regularly, and from time to time wash the screens and wipe the window sill. Clean windows usually draws people’s attention and they might compliment you on it. While you’re on the glass situation, go ahead and clean your computer monitor, television, and any mirrors you have hanging on the wall.

4. The kitchen is probably the most important area of the home to keep clean. For quick and easy ways to clean, start by making sure there are no dishes in the sink or left on the counter tops. Either wash them when you get done using them, or stuff them in the dishwasher. Nobody wants to see your dirty dishes! Wipe off your stove top when you use it to rid of the grease. Keep your counter tops organized and not all cluttered up, you need room to cook right? Sweep the floor everyday. There is always crumbs and dirt on a kitchen floor. Mop the floor once or twice a week to keep that shine on. Swiffer Wet Jet is good for a quick “cleaning”, but to actually CLEAN the floor, try a real mop and some Pine Sol or bleach. The refrigerator will also need to be wiped down occasionally.

5. Laundry. The only way to maintain your laundry room is to DO IT. Wash clothes weekly and ALWAYS put them away. Don’t leave clothes or towels in the washer. They will become mildewed! Someone will eventually have to move them out of the way when they want to wash their clothes and they will stink and have to be rewashed, slowing the process of doing laundry. Don’t leave your clothes or towels in the dryer for everybody to have to get out and throw on the floor either. That makes your laundry room look ugly and unattended, and makes you look indolent.

6. Lastly the bedrooms. To make your bedroom appear clean, make your bed when you get up in the morning and keep stuff off the floor. That doesn’t mean shove it under your bed or throw it in the closet. If you have several small items here and there, get an under-the-bed storage box and put the stuff in the box and push it under your bed. Keep any important papers in an organized box, in named file folders. Make sure you take all dishes back to the kitchen after you are done using them, instead of leaving them lay around on your nightstand for weeks.

Keeping a clean house doesn’t have to be a hard job, it can be fun too. Turn on some music and dance while cleaning, it’s good exercise for you too. When people see how clean your house is, they will compliment you on what such good work you have done up-keeping your home, and may ask you how you do it. Then you can show them how to clean their house!

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