How to Clean Your Oven

Your oven is a good place to cook nutritious meals in. When you cook in an oven the food you are cooking might splatter, run over onto the bottom of the oven. The food gets baked on the ovens bottom and sides. Then the food gets baked on more every time you heat up the oven. Eventually the oven gets messy and needs to have a cleaning. Every one has a different perspective of when they should clean their oven. Some people have to keep their oven sparkling clean while others don’t need to keep their ovens so clean. But eventually everyone should clean their oven.

If you have a self cleaning oven then you are lucky but there still may be times when you need to clean it up some. Self Cleaning ovens do not clean out the big chunks of dirt and grim since they just heat up the grim and burn it . If you have a self cleaning oven you will need to wipe out the oven after you clean it..

Many people buy commercial oven cleaners. Commercial oven cleaners do a great job but they can be dangerous to use. Some have dangerous fumes and chemicals so you have to be careful using them. When you use commercial oven cleaners you have to put your head into the oven along with the commercial cleaner when you wipe out the oven. That doesn’t sound safe to me.

I use ammonia when I clean my oven. It is a dangerous chemical but since it is not actually in the oven when my head is I feel better about using it.

To clean your oven with ammonia just put a shallow pan filled with about a quarter of an inch of ammonia in it into your oven. Close the oven door and keep the ammonia in the oven over night. Ammonia has hazardous fumes to it so make sure you have good ventilation when you handle ammonia. And keep good ventilation till you get rid of the ammonia in the oven.

The next day you take the ammonia out of the oven and then you are ready to clean the oven. A stainless steel scrubbing pad works well at this time. A pail of hot water and a rag or two is helpful to have for cleaning out the grim in the oven. First take a rag soaked in hot water and wipe out the oven with it to get the large pieces of grit that is in the oven. Then you can take the scrub pad and scrub the dirty parts of the oven. Wipe out the scrubbed parts of the oven with a rag occasionally to get an idea of what you have left to scrub out.

When you get out as much of the grit and grim as you can or would like to then take a clean rag and wipe out the whole oven again. It takes some elbow grease to clean an oven but the good part is you don’t have to clean an oven very often. It depends how much you use the oven and how clean you want the oven as to how much you clean it.

Always be careful when you use ammonia. Ammonia is harmful to humans and animals. Keep Ammonia away from children and animals. Read the label on your bottle of ammonia to see how to use it properly. This method of cleaning an oven is good because the hazardous chemicals are not in the oven when you are. So you have less exposure to hazardous chemicals then if you and the hazardous chemicals were in the oven at the same time.

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