How to Clean a Newly Constructed Home

One of the greatest benefits of moving into a newly constructed home is that it will not have the smell or visible appearance of previous tenants or homeowners in it. Neither will it have cat or dog hairs clinging to the carpet and fixtures. But when you first move into your newly constructed home, how should you clean your new home?


Kitchens collect dirt, dust and grime at an alarming rate. But a new kitchen will be spotless! Cupboards do not need cleaned using any special cleaning products. Just take a clean, damp cloth and run it over the kitchen cupboards. This is a good way to remove any sawdust that has been left behind from constructing the kitchen cupboards.


Brand new bathrooms glisten and look so clean. What could there possibly be to clean? But you should still pay attention to sealing the grout in between the tiles so that as time goes on the grout will not become stained. Even though stained grout can be restored to its original state, it is far better to spend some time sealing the grout when you first move in so that you can keep it looking good. Don’t forget to also use toilet bowl cleaner regularly from the time you first move in and to mop tiled or linoleum floors.

Carpeted Areas

Carpeted areas of the home will need to be vacuumed regularly once you first move into a newly constructed home. Carpet that has been freshly laid will feel crisp as you walk on it and it will have a fluffy appearance. But once you start to vacuum, you will notice that the vacuum cleaner quickly fills up, not with dust and food particles, but with carpet fuzz and fibres. This is natural, but if it continues to occur without letup each time you vacuum weeks after you have moved in, you should reserve the carpet fuzz and fibres and contact the builders to find out if there is anything wrong with the carpet.


Bedrooms sometimes have sawdust deposits on the windowsill. Just wipe them down with a damp cloth. The same is true for walk-in wardrobes, doors and other fixtures.

The good news about moving into a newly constructed home is that there will not be must dusting or heavy housework to do in the beginning, as the home will be very clean and presentable. It will take at least a week or two before you even notice that your home needs to be dusted, as the dust takes a while to settle in brand new homes.

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