Ten Tips for Quicker Housecleaning

Hate housecleaning? Can’t afford a maid. We have something in common. One can always subscribe to the theory that, “if you clean it, it will just get dirty again, so why bother.” But this only works if you plan to move about every six months. For most of us, we have to bite the bullet at some point and do a bit of cleaning. Use these ten tips for quicker housecleaning to make that bite a bit more palatable.

1. Break the cleaning down into manageable chunks. Don’t leave it all for one day. It will seem overwhelming and give you reason to put it off. Do one thing each day of the week, so that by Saturday you can play.

2. Keep Clorox Disinfecting Wipes in the bathroom and use them at least once a week on the sink, sink counter, toilet seat and exterior toilet porcelain. More often, if needed.

3. Place a self-cleaning product in the toilet tank to minimize toilet bowl cleaning.

4. Use a self-cleaning product in the shower to keep it sparkling clean and keep you away from the scrubbing.

5. Clean up spills and messes when they happen, so they don’t get tracked through.

6. Use a piece of masking tape to write a date on refrigerator leftovers, so you don’t have to wait for the mold to tell you to throw it away.

7. Use old shoeboxes to keep small items organized or as a catchall for things you need to sort later.

8. Line all trashcans with trash bags or the plastic handle bags you get from the grocery store. Just remove the bag once a week and put in a new one. Trash is disposed and can stays clean.

9. Do several small loads of laundry through the week instead of large ones once a week.

10. Keep things organized, i.e., put things back where they belong when you finish using them.

Old cotton socks and tee-shirts make great dusting cloths. The new cleaning products such as the “Flicker” for carpets and the “Swiffer” for floors have made it easier to do small quick clean ups, without having to haul out heavy equipment. Take a stroll down the cleaning isle of your local store and check out the various products, you may be surprised just how much quicker and easier your housecleaning can be. It’s not like the “old days!”

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