How to Clean a Window Screen

Spring cleaning is just around the corner. It is that time of year again to complete unfinished home improvement projects. Window screens should be repaired and cleaned annually. The screens on the windows are not the only improvement projects to tackle. Do not forget the sliding door screens.

They are just as important as the window screens. Before you can begin any improvement projects can be tackled, a plan must be established. This is one of the first steps in tackling any home improvement projects. This is a how to article geared for those who are not familiar with home improvement projects. The plan here is to clean all screens for all windows.

Here is a list of materials needing to clean window and sliding door screens. Repair isn’t necessary unless the screens need to be replaced or repaired. The materials needed to complete this project can be found right in your own garage.

Window Screen

Materials: Towels, dishwashing liquid, scrub brush, vacuum cleaner, garden hose, and bucket

Step #1: The first step is to remove the screens from the windows you plan on cleaning. The screens need to be laid on a towel or even a tarp.

Step #2: The dishwashing liquid needs to be created for a washing liquid solution. This solution will clean the dirt and debris from the screens. The solution can be poured directly onto the screens.

The scrub brush will help to further remove dirt or debris that may be caught in the screens. Gently use the scrub brush on the screens. Do not brush too harshly, you do not want to ruin the screens.

Step #3: A garden hose will remove all the washing solution as well as the dirt and debris.

Step#4: The screens should dry for about an hour before placing them back in the window or windows. To speed up the drying process an ordinary hair dryer or fan can be used.

Step #5: The window screens can now be placed back into their proper windows.

Aluminum Borders

Usually the aluminum borders can be cleaned with a moistened wipe. Unless the manufacturer company requires special cleaning.

Bonus tips:

*Clear nail polish is a great way to protect the screen from unwanted critters.

*I bet you are wondering where the vacuum cleaner comes in. the answer is quite simple. Every six months the vacuum should be used to remove dust, dirt and debris. This step will help to save time when cleaning the screens annually.

Sliding door screens go through the same cleaning process as cleaning a screen for a window. This home improvement project is a simple and easy to do. Not every home improvement project will be as easy as this one is. Happy spring cleaning.

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