How to Clean and Maintain Your Home’s Air Conditioning Central Air Unit

Spring is now upon us and with spring comes warm weather and a chance to get outdoors. However, spring also brings with it numerous yearly tasks to do around the house and outside of the house. What we like to term as “spring cleaning” is more or less annual maintenance for our homes and yards. This particular article will focus on how to get your air conditioning unit ready for the warm summer days ahead of us.

Most of the nation now has an external air conditioning unit that provides cool air for the entire home. This type of unit is commonly referred to as central air conditioning. A central air unit is located outside of the house and provides a means to cool the entire home during hot summer days and nights.

A central air unit requires yearly maintenance that can be done by the homeowner. The maintenance required is extremely simple and certainly does not require the assistance of a professional.

To begin the maintenance process, you will have to acquire a few things that you probably already have around the home. You will need a garden hose, a bucket, a sponge, some dish soap, and possibly sandpaper, primer and paint.

To begin, thoroughly soak the central air unit with the garden hose. Don’t worry about where the water goes, the unit is designed to take on all kinds of water without issue. Be certain to spray out the inside of the unit too. You can do this be located the fan on the tope side of the unit and spray directly down through the fan cover and into the unit. Make sure that you flush out all of the dirt and debris.

Once you have completed rinsing the unit, you can fill your bucket with soapy water, dip the sponge in the soapy water and thoroughly clean the unit. The cleaning does not have to be perfect, you are simply cleaning the unit to access the condition of the paint.

Once clean, you can dry the central air unit and access the condition of the paint. If there is a significant amount of rust on the unit, now would be the perfect time to give it a fresh coat of paint. If you decide to paint your central air unit, follow these simple steps.

Lightly sand down any rust areas to smooth out the transition between the rusted area and the non rusted area. Sanding also removes loose paint and particles and helps assure that the primer and paint will stick to the unit.

After sanding, follow the directions on the can of primer and prime the entire surface of the central air unit. Allow the primer to dry as per the instructions on the can.

Now you are ready for the topcoat. Apply a minimum of two coats to the entire unit and observe the instructions on the spray paint. To avoid runs and drips, use light coats. Allow ample time to dry between coats.

Once you have completed the final coat, you are ready to enjoy your clean, almost new looking central air unit.

Yearly maintenance will make everything last longer. Maintenance may require some time an effort, but it pays off. Many maintenance tasks of often overlooked, and many household appliances are neglected. With a little time and effort, you are doing your best to assure that your appliance last for many years to come.

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