How to Clean the Kitchen Sink

When purchasing a home, the kitchen is often times the deal breaker. The cabinetry, appliances, space, decor and layout are all important aspects of the decision making process. However, the most neglected part of a kitchen is often times the sink. What is the easiest way to clean and maintain a kitchen sink? This article will discuss the time factor, cleaning agents, tools needed and how to properly clean your stainless steel kitchen or porcelain sink.

Time Factor: If a kitchen sink is well maintained it may take as little as five minutes to properly clean and sanitize it.

Cleaning Essentials
AJAX with bleach or BORAX
Scouring pad
Latex gloves
Small bucket with hot water

Get Ready, Get Set, Clean.
First, we must put on our latex gloves. Then, apply AJAX to the kitchen sink. (Check these websites for special money saving coupons available.)
Apply the powder to all sides of the sink. Don’t forget the faucet area. Let’s wait approximately two minutes. Use scouring pad with hot water, proceed to scrub along the insides of the sink. Try to remove any food stains or rust stains that are set in.

Now, repeat this process again without adding more AJAX. After that, use a plain towel with hot water to wipe the excess AJAX off the sink. Rinse towel. Repeat process until cleaning agent disappears. Use a dry towel to wipe off any excess water spots from the sink and faucet. Your sink should now start to look like new.

Finish with a touch of baby oil to shine the sink. (Tip taken from the Queen Of Clean.)

Perhaps, you have a porcelain sink? It may require special cleaning products or all-natural products. Whatever your preference, we can tackle that job in three easy steps.

Cleaning Essentials
Bar Keeper’s Friend
Sponges/Toothbrush/Bristle Brush

Get Ready, Get Set, Clean.
First, rinse the porcelain sink of any left over food residue. Scrub the food stains or gunk off the sink with toothbrush or bristle brush. Be careful not to be too aggressive, since porcelain can be easily dulled. Now, sprinkle Bar Keeper’s Friend around all the surfaces of your sink. Use hot water and a towel to rub in and sanitize all around the sink including the base and faucet. Use a dry towel to wipe off any excess water spots from the sink and faucet.

For finishing touches, add Gel Gloss designed specifically to make your porcelain sink look new and shiny.

How to Keep Your Sink Looking Great
Never leave dishes overnight in the sink. Food droppings or gunk can be very difficult to remove after they have set in. If you have a sink disposal, be careful not to put overly fibrous materials down like coffee grinds or bones. Bleach and other abrasive cleaners are also dangerous. After doing dishes, use a towel with a small amount of AJAX to wipe off any excess build up from the sink.

Make it a habit to dry off any water spots and keep the sink looking nice and shiny. Top products that are useful and can clean other parts of your home include Bar Keeper’s Friend, AJAX or BORAX.

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