How to Conquer a Messy Bedroom

You walk into your bedroom, only to trip over a mountain of papers and clothes. You can hear your cat meowing, but after twenty minutes of searching, you still can’t find her. The pile of stuff on top of your desk is so big, that you figure you may as well add to it, because it is never going to get any smaller.

If you have experienced any of these scenarios, you are in desperate need of cleaning your bedroom. While most people don’t get excited about cleaning, there are ways to make the adventure into the deepest parts of your bedroom bearable.

You don’t have to clean it all at once!

The easiest and least painful way to clear your junk is to do it in baby steps. When I need to clean my room, I start by spending a couple minutes here and there picking up stuff. Every time I walk into my room, I’ll try to throw out a few papers that are lying on the floor, or hang up some clothes that have been sitting in the corner waiting for some closet time for weeks. Because you’ll be working for such short periods of time, it won’t really seem like you are cleaning. As another plus, every time you walk into your room, it will be a little cleaner than it was last time. That will give you more motivation to finish cleaning.

Know what makes a room look clean!

There are certain aspects of your room that will significantly add (or detract) from the overall level of cleanliness. The most important aspect is your bed: simply making your bed can turn your room from being a complete disaster to being just a regular sized mess. Countertop space also plays a key role in how your room looks. A clear desk or dresser top will give the appearance of organization and calmness (even if you just threw everything that was on top of the desk into the drawer). Always make sure your closet doors are shut; even if the inside of your closet is perfectly organized (which, if you are reading this article, isn’t), looking at the inside of your closet will detract from the overall level of cleanliness.

One thing at a time!

If you decide to spend a significant amount of time cleaning (which you will need to do eventually), choose one task to finish completely before moving on to another. This may seem tedious at times, but it will help you clean in a more organized fashion. The first thing that I do when I clean is pick up all of the water bottles that are lying around me room; because I sometimes have in excess of twenty, just getting rid of all the bottles helps significantly clear my floor space. Once I have cleared everything off the floor and have vacuumed, I will move on to clearing my desk. First I clear off the top, and organize everything into two piles: the keep pile and the trash pile. Everything that I know I’ll use again, I’ll find a way to organize into my desk. You can probably figure out what I do with the other pile.

Finishing details!

Simple tasks, like dusting your lamp, cleaning your mirror, or making sure all of your desk drawers are shut, will help put the finishing details on your clean room.

Keep it up!

Once you’ve cleaned up your bedroom, you are going to want to keep it looking good. All that you have to do is to spend a few minutes every day picking up, throwing out, sorting, and doing other small tasks to keep it looking like you just cleaned it. Remember: you can spend five minutes a day doing simple upkeep, or a few hours cleaning up the entire room. The choice is yours.

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