How to Create a Motion Trail Text Effect in Macromedia Fireworks

Creating a motion trail on your text can be fun. There are many ways to use the motion trail effect. You can change the colors of the text, the font of the text, the length of the trail, the width of the trail and more. Creating the motion trail effect is real simple. Follow the steps below to create the motion trail effect to your text.

Step 1
Type what ever text you would like to play with on the canvas.

Step 2
Change the text to the color, font size, and font type that you want it to be. You can use multi color letters to give it a nice effect.

Step 3
Under properties click “Effects – Eye Candy – Motion Trail”. This will bring up the motion trail box.

Step 4
In the motion trail window you will see many options. You can shorten or make the length of the trail longer. You can make the trail wide or narrow by moving the taper button. You can change the direction of the trail by turning the little button in the circle beside direction. Once you have got it the way you want it, click OK.

Step 5
Click “File – Export Preview” and save the file on your computer. Name the file something you will remember. Now you can go to the location where you saved the file and look at it. To insert it in your site, click insert image and choose the image and click OK.

That is all there is to it. Play around with the colors and the motion effect trails to make a really cool looking text.

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