Photoshop Tutorial: The Simple Way to Add Borders to Your Photos

Introduction: One easy way to make your snapshots and photos look more professional is by adding a border in Photoshop. Whether it be a crisp black and white border, or even a colored border, at the end of this easy and simple tutorial you’ll be able to add a border to any picture or photo in Photoshop, perfect for framing and displaying.

Step 1) When you open Photoshop, pull up the picture you want to add the border to. On the vertical menu bar, choose the color you want to work with. If you want to work with black and white, you’ll see on the vertical menu bar there are two boxes with colors in them (the default is black and white). If you want black and black is on the top box, switch it to the bottom. If it is on the top, click the two little boxes on the left side and this will switch them. (Do the same for white so it’s on the bottom, if you want white).

You can choose a color by going to Windows on the top horiztonal menu and then checking the boxÃ?¯Ã?¿Ã?½ “Colors” on the drop-down menu. If this box is checked, uncheck it, and then recheck it again. In Photoshop this will take you right to the colors menu box. Now choose the color by sliding the cursors along the three different bars. Once you find the color you like, go on to the next step.

Step 2) Now we’re going to make the border. On the horizontal menu bar go to Image and then down to Canvas Size. This will now pop-up a selection box. Firstly, make sure the Relative box is checked. Then we’re going to decide how large of a border there should be around the picture or photo. Make sure the two right boxes are on Pixels. For my picture, I chose to do 40 pixels on each side (Width and Height). When you decide how many pixels of a border you want on each side, click OK.

And there you go! A perfect, professional, accurate border, perfect for printing and framing! Share this easy Photoshop tutorial with friends and family as well.

A quick Photoshop simple hint: Ctrl+Alt+Z will take you back a step or undo what you just did to your photo or picture, no matter what version of Photoshop you’re using. Other beginner tutorials will show you how to use other quick keys in Photoshop.

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