How to Transfer Pictures to Your Ipod Photo

Need help getting your pictures transfer onto your new ipod Photo? The ipod Photo is a great gadget that I use all the time. Other than the obvious feature the ipod Photo offers of holding all of your music collection, it also stores your photos for easy access and sharing with friends no matter where you are. The 20 gig ipod Photo has the capacity to store 5000 songs or 20000 photos, or a combination of the two. The ipod Photo allows you to play slideshows of your pictures with music. I love having all my pictures with me to share with anyone at anytime.

Getting your pictures onto your ipod Photo is really a very easy process, and there are several options for you to choose from. If your camera is compatible, Apple makes a little gadget called the ipod camera connector. This device attaches your digital camera directly to your ipod for quick transfers. Check to determine if your camera is compatible with the ipod camera connector. If your camera is not compatible there are other options to transfer your photos to your ipod Photo. You can save your photos directly onto your computer, make a file and title it ipod photos. Place all the photos that you want on your ipod in this file. Then, go and open the iTunes software and connect your ipod Photo to your computer using the USB cable. In the iTunes software, select the Edit tab in the top row, and scroll down to select Preferences. This will pop up another window where you will select the ipod tab from the top row. From here, select the Photo tab. In this window check the box next to Synchronize Photos From. You then have the option to choose a folder. Browse your computer until you locate your ipod photos file that you made earlier, select this file. Ensure the Copy All Photos button is selected. Select Okay at the bottom. You are now ready to place all of your photos on your ipod. If you do not own a digital camera then the easiest thing to do is try to get your pictures on a CD at the same time you get them developed. Then you can just place the CD in your computer and follow the steps above. Every time you update your ipod the software will look in the ipod photos folder that you created and transfer any new photos onto your ipod Photo.

Now that your ipod Photo has all of your pictures stored in it, you can take it with you and share your memories with your family and friends.

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