How to Create an Elegant Table for Summer Dinner Party on the Cheap

Sometimes the famous brand of disposable dinnerware is just not good enough for a summer dinner party. But on the other hand, we don’t want to spend a fortune on the table settings either. Reach a happy medium and use the ideas on how to create an elegant table for a summer dinner party on the cheap, and these ideas will work for either an indoor or outdoor summery affair.

White is Right

Light, airy and elegant, stick with all-white place settings, table cloths and napkins, then offset the monochromatic color scheme with pops of color elsewhere on the table. Whatever has to be purchased (in white) can always be used at various other dinner parties throughout the year, since the white will match with any other color.

Layered Settings

This is how to make cool summer white stand out – layer the place settings. Select etched and pierced designed plates and layer them etched glass plates and bowls. The designs will add interest with adding heat to the color scheme.


Add an elegant and romantic touch to the summer dinner party table by adding silver goblets, napkin rings and salt and pepper shakers. The silver adds provides reflection of the guests and the lighting, whether natural outdoor sunlight or indoor lighting.


Use your good silver for more table reflection and elegance. When possible, mix and match the silverware patterns and you can’t go wrong with flatware that has mother-of-pearl handles on an all-white table setting.

Summery Table Centerpiece

A large white milk glass fruit bowl or compote filled with one color of summer fruits is the perfect and cheap table centerpiece for a summer dinner party. Stick with the monochromatic color scheme and just use one color of fruit, like green apples, grapes and kiwis.

Name Cards

Paint small terra cotta flower pots white, fill with pea gravel or florist’s foam and top with a small piece of moss. Purchase silver name cards holders and place in the center of each pot. Use white name cards backed and bordered with colored card stock paper in the same color as the fruit you selected. Small white flower vases will also work to hold name cards.

If menus are used at the summer dinner party, use an all-white menu backed and bordered with the fruit color. Keeping it simple and in a near monochromatic color scheme of white, silver and one other color creates an elegant table for a summer dinner party on the cheap.

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