How to De-clutter Your Home in 5 Steps

Clutter can accumulate quickly and take over your life. Getting rid of clutter will also improve your life. You won’t feel like clutter is part of your life and you will feel so much better about everything. It doesn’t take long for the clutter to accumulate, but you can de-clutter. Here are 5 tips to help you de-clutter your life and get organized.

1. Organizing overall. Get 3 boxes to help you quickly go through stuff. One box is going to be Yard sale items, one box will be Goodwill box, and one box will be trash. As you pick up each item, determine which box it should go in. You will notice that as you go through the stuff that you probably don’t need and use a lot of the stuff that you have. You don’t want to put stuff aside to decide later, you want to make sure that it goes into one of the boxes.

2. Papers. Papers are the main thing that people have a lot of. You get paper bills, newspapers, notes that you write. Getting a file cabinet and organizing paperwork will clear up a lot of space and ensure that you pay your bills on time, and will save you a lot of time searching for paperwork. Make folders for different categories and organize the paperwork into the correct folder. Get a special place for incoming mail. As soon as you get your mail go through it then, throw out the junk mail and don’t save it. Once a week or so go through the mail bin and organize the mail, putting each one in the correct folder.

3. Closets and clothing. Go through your closet and donate clothing that you no longer can wear. If you haven’t worn something in a year, chances are you won’t wear it anymore. You can get rid of it. Organize your closet by seasons then colors. Buy some closet organizers to make this job easier. You can store things in containers out of the closet that you don’t use very often. Use clear plastic containers so that you can see through to store small items.

4. Kitchens. When going through your kitchen the same rules apply if you haven’t used it for over a year you probably don’t need it. You can sell it or donate it. You should ask yourself if you really need 8 saucepans, after all you probably only have 4 burners on your stove. Are you really going to use all 8 at once?

5. Store excess belongings outside of main rooms. If you need to rent a storage space till you can part with the stuff. Things that you don’t use all the time can be stored. You will want to store things neatly in storage bins in a garage or shed. Mark on the outside what is in each bin so that you can access it quickly without going through every bin to search.

Once you get rid of the excess stuff that you have accumulated you should start to feel better by your surroundings. Being organized is a great feeling, and while the job to get organized may seem overwhelming, break it down into steps and it won’t take long at all

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