How to Deal With Those Spring/Summer Allergies

This year really seems to be one of the worst allergies seasons ever. Even people who have never had allergies before now suffer from severe allergies. But how can you cope and deal with this serious problem? This article will discuss some of these issues. About twenty percent of the population in the United States suffer from allergies. From infancy we inhale, swallow, and touch dozens of things that are foreign to our body. For many this type of contact is harmless, but for others they develop very specific symptoms. Some common allergens are:, pollen, dust, mold, dog and cat dander.

What is the exact cause of these allergic reactions? Well you body procures antibodies, which is supposed to help and fight off invaders like germs. If you have an allergic reaction than these defensive mechanisms tend to overreact. This reaction causes a release of chemicals known as histamine. Histamine causes your nose to swell and your eyes to itch. Did you know that heredity is an important factor when it comes to allergies?

Sometimes emotional stress such as tension, overwork, fatigue, fright, and extreme anger, can prompt allergies. Then of course there is always the environment which can add to these effects. When it comes to hay fever, which is the most common allergic reaction, antihistamines and inhalants may control the worst symptoms. Although hay fever has nothing to day with hay. It is mostly irritated by pollen, or sometimes mold.

When it comes to coping with any type of allegory the best thing to do is consult your doctor. They will more than likely to prescribe something that should allow you to cope. There are also some over the counter medications that may work. It really depends on how severe your allergies are. You need to find a way to cope, and a doctor can usually help. If this is your first year dealing with allergies they may not be that severe and you may be able to just deal with them.

If you notice that you have a particular tree or bush in your yard that contributes to your allergies you may try getting rid of it. Although this will not solve the problem, it may help. At least you can rid your own yard of the allergy causing plants, and trees. There are even some yard sprays that might help.

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