Buying Guide: Infra Red Saunas

Heat therapy has long been known to help with a variety of ailments, reducing pain, and improving well-being. Spending time in a sauna will help your body to sweat naturally, and creates an opportunity to detoxify and refresh your whole system. Although saunas are not appropriate for young children, the elderly, or those with heart or breathing problems, spending just 5-10 minutes when you are healthy can bring valuable benefits to your mind and body.

If you don’t have access to a sauna at the health club or gym, consider installing an infrared sauna in your home. Today there are a variety of portable units suitable for any sized home, and many use infra red heat technology to deliver the much-needed temperatures. Infra red and radiant heatcombine to bring you an exceptionally calm state of mind, and will aid in the detoxification process to improve your joints, muscles, and tissues.

Heat therapy is highly recommended by professional massage therapists to help with aches, pains, flexibility, and detoxification. Many massages incorporate some form of heat component to their services to maximize this process. Spending time in a sauna will help you relax naturally and completely, while encouraging your body to heal and become more efficient.

Infra red saunas use infra red heat lamps to create a space of radiant heat; Far infrared (FRI) is a recent step for the source of heat waves, as it offers increased healing properties and is a safe and healthy option for many. There is a science behind Far infrared therapy, and it emphasizes the impact and health benefits on the cellular level.

When looking for an infrared sauna for your home, spa, or relaxation area, you will need to keep in mind the following key factors:

� Type of wood for construction
� Your budget
� 1-person or 3-person needs
� Inclusion of a CD player or radio
� Portability
� Space requirements or restrictions

Sunlight Saunas is a leading brand in today’s infrared sauna market, and offers the advantage of floor heaters. These specially-designed systems offer an attractive piece for any home spa, gym, or relaxation area. The Armana lines are made with 100% Canadian cedar wood, and are breathtaking in design. A signature mercury detox treatement is a part of all Armana saunas; each is designed to provide the maximum surface area impact for the user, that in turn contributes to the overall effect. Form and function combine for the Armana line, as it is offered in four different styles and price ranges. Sunlight Saunas start at $1,990, and can also be found at various day spas.

The Keys Dry Infrared Backyard Sauna comes in a 1-3 person model, and offers a lower price range of $1,600-$2,700 depending on size. Keys Infrared Saunaus use a natural hardwood construction, and offer a tempered glass door with bench seating. A CD stereo system is included, as well as towel bars, robe hooks, and a magazine rack. The room size is 35″ x 35″ x 74″.

The SaunaGen Pro-Health I Infrared Sauna is priced under $1,500, an doffers fir-birch wood construcitonk, a digital temperature contorla nd timer, and a CD player and radio. This portable sauna takes only 20 minutes to put together, making it a great choice for the backyard or home-spa area. The room size is 36″ x 33.5″ x 71″.
The interior and exterior lighting systems are imporessive, and Saungen reports a very low operating cost.

The Sunset 3′ x 3′ Infrared Sauna is a cost-effective and simple 1-person model that will appeal to many. I’s simple design an docnstruction is made form Hemlock wood, an dand includes a tempered glass door, interior lights, and an AM/FM CD player and speakers. Priced at $1,295.95, the Sunset uses tubular shaped heaters to give off the most heat waves possible.

There are a variety of luxury infrared saunas available on the market today, and Far infra red (FIR) technology extends extra health benefits and comfort. Take advantage of the natural healing process of a sauna right in your home! Creating a relaxing environment can prove worthwhile for your long-term health, and using a sauna on a regular basis will let you relax naturally. Do be sure to drink plenty of water during the process (12 oz. for every 15 minutes is ideal), as you will lose a lot of water while you sweat and detoxify. Also be mindful of any health precautions, and always check with your physician prior to ongoing use.

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