Natural Remedies for Joint Stiffness and Pain

Many people are afflicted with the debilitating problem of joint stiffness and pain – usually associated with arthritis or some other such condition. In fact, it is reported that arthritis causes long term health problems for more than one in seven adults and many thousands of children. These conditions are brought on by a variety of things, including poor diets, poor digestive or lymphatic systems, lack of sufficient nutrients, previous injury, too much physical exertion, some genetic tendencies, or an overload of toxic buildup in the body. When the joints become inflamed, painful, and stiff, it depletes our lives of the quality they deserve, particularly as we age and the problem becomes more severe Though we may not be able to completely prevent joint pain and stiffness, we can use some of nature’s alternatives to help us through the misery and get us back on our feet again.

In a recent in-depth clinical study, the University of Connecticut discovered that cetylated fatty acids had an amazing effect on joint function. In fact, topical application of these fatty acids significantly increased the physical performance in people who were suffering from knee osteoarthritis. The study found that within 30 minutes after topical application of these important fatty acids, the patients showed improved flexibility and function!

MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is an important sulfur that is absolutely essential to the human body because it plays a vital role in the maintenance of the connective tissue that joins our muscles to our bones. Though we do find it in the human diet, most of it is destroyed in the food preparation process, so it is important to replenish the supply.

Menthol has local analgesic properties and is the approved active ingredient in most pain-relieving topical creams, and Olive Oil has been extensively researched and studied for its apparent beneficial effects on the joints.

Being too sore and stiff to move is a miserable torture for anyone having to endure it, but with the help these time-tested herbs, you can get back in motion once again.

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